Here's Why Libras Are World-Class Conversationalists

Thoughtfulness and charisma go a long way when chatting with this zodiac sign.

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How to communicate with a Libra, according to an astrologer.
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Communication isn’t always easy — unless, of course, you’re talking to a Libra zodiac sign. Bubbly and diplomatic Libras generally have an approachable demeanor and are super easy to talk to. That said, these ever-polite charmers have a way of making everyone feel like they’re a world-class conversationalist, even if their social skills are subpar. So if you really want to effectively communicate with Libra, then you’ll need to know a little bit more about the inner workings of this zodiac sign.

As one of the conceptually-minded air signs, Libras are social butterflies who can get along easily with people from all walks of life. They’re excellent at smoothing out social snags and can make sparkling small talk with just about anyone — but they especially love to connect with people who are interesting, confident, and charismatic. As the sign symbolized by the “scales of justice,” Libras always take other people’s points of view into account and try to be objective about things. That said, they really appreciate when others put in the same amount of effort and consideration that they do, and approach things with fairness and equity in mind. Additionally, Libras rule partnerships, so they’re no strangers to negotiating relationships and making commitments to people. So long as you play fair and keep it cool, communicating with a Libra should be totally doable.

Here are a few ways to better connect with a Libra zodiac sign.

Turn Up The Charm & Confidence

Aesthetically-minded Libras tend to respond well when someone can inject some charm and confidence into a conversation. Being witty, bright, and in the know will catch Libra’s sometimes-fickle attention and keep them engaged beyond surface-level topics. While flighty Libras certainly don’t like to be smothered, keep your interactions warm and affectionate — such as by using friendly emojis in your texts or throwing a genuine compliment into a conversation. Who doesn’t love a little flattery? These small but affirming gestures will help Libras to build trust and strengthen communication.

Ultimately, expressing yourself with passion, conviction, and wit is the best way to get your point across to a Libra, so always approach these coquettish social butterflies with your natural confidence on display. Libras like to be mentally stimulated by someone who can carry a titillating conversation, and may be more closed off to someone who seems insecure about what they have to say. They spend a ton of time weighing the pros and cons of their decisions, so it’s refreshing for them to communicate with an independent thinker who feels strongly about sharing their beliefs.

Mind Your Manners

Libras are anything but stuffy, but they still appreciate some good old-fashioned manners. Saying please and thank you and generally being thoughtful is an easy way to get into a Libra’s good graces. If you need to have a difficult or personal conversation with a Libra, be conscientious about when, where, and how you do it. Bringing up touchy subjects at inappropriate or embarrassing times can throw off the equilibrium of a Libra’s harmoniously curated atmosphere. This will make them less open to what you’re saying and more interested in doing damage control to avoid a pesky social faux pas.

And while Libras certainly enjoy some gossiping — they’re air signs, after all — don’t try to drag these diplomatic charmers into anything too mean-spirited. Libras genuinely strive to be fair and balanced, and injustices really irk them. Show Libras that you can consider things from other people’s perspectives and not be so black and white about your thinking. This will make them more comfortable sharing their honest opinions and hearing you out on yours.

Avoid Being Aggressive

A little bit of sugar always helps the medicine go down, and this is especially important to keep in mind when interacting with a Libra. These poised and charming individuals really want to keep things harmonious when it comes to their social interactions, and unnecessary conflict is particularly distressing for them. That’s why coming on too strong with an aggressive attitude or a confrontational demeanor can be such a hindrance to clear communication with a Libra. Explosive expressions of feeling will likely make them go into drama-diffusion or mediation mode. Try to maintain your composure in conversation, even if you’re diving into a hot-button topic. Libras will appreciate your grace and tact, and will be more likely to respond open-mindedly.

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