Here’s Who Kim Kardashian Should Date, According To Her Birth Chart

She needs someone who can balance out her Libra energy.

A full birth chart reading of Kim Kardashian that explains her romantic matches.
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As an influencer, reality TV star, and business mogul, Kim Kardashian lives much of her life in the spotlight, and her love life is no exception. From her seven-year marriage to Kanye West to her nine-month-long fling with Saturday Night Live alumnus Pete Davidson, Kim’s relationships are a hot topic. Most recently, she was linked to football player Odell Beckham Jr. — but the pair reportedly split in April 2024, and since then, the star appears to have been enjoying the single life.

Kim is a romantic and relationship-oriented Libra — an air sign ruled by the amorous planet Venus — so partnership with someone is likely an important part of what brings her joy. But there’s a lot more to it. In an episode of The Kardashians that aired in June 2023, Kim shared a few items from her “MANifest list” while chatting with friends in Milan. The list outlined the qualities she’s looking for in a romantic partner, and it began with the requisites that her next man should be able to “protect” and “fight” for her. She followed that up with a need for good hygiene and then moved down the list: “Number four, calm. Five, no mom or dad issues. Six, patient. Seven, supportive, genuinely happy for me. Successful. Good teeth.”

While these qualities can’t be guaranteed based on someone’s zodiac sign alone, you can get an idea of what someone’s ideal partner may be like based on looking at their birth chart — as there are a few points and planets in a chart that can teach you about yourself. And in the case of Kim, I dug into what cosmic qualities might be best suited for her in a partner, based on her chart.

Gemini Energy = Big Attraction

The descendant is a point in the birth chart that symbolizes the ideal qualities one might consciously or subconsciously look for in a partner, and it always falls in the sign directly opposite to the rising sign. The traits associated with the descendant sign can help balance you out, bringing chemistry and synergy to a relationship. In Kim’s chart, the descendant is in the communicative and curious sign of Gemini. This means she’s likely drawn to people who are witty, inquisitive, intellectually sharp, and socially skilled. Being a good conversationalist who can keep her mentally stimulated and entertained is important to Kim.

While typical Gemini zodiac traits may be naturally attractive to Kim, it doesn’t mean she needs to be with a to find compatibility. Plenty of people can possess some Gemini-esque qualities, even if they don’t have much of this air sign’s energy in their chart.

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However, it just so happens that Kim has a bit of a track record when it comes to men with Gemini placements, which may prove the theory correct: Former husband Kanye West is famously a Gemini sun, and her previous ex-husband Kris Humphries is a Gemini rising. Ex-boyfriend Ray J has a Gemini moon, and more recent ex Pete Davidson is believed to be a Gemini rising, too. The sun, moon, and rising signs are arguably the most important placements in a chart, so it’s likely no coincidence that some of Kim’s most notable relationships have been with men who activate her descendant sign’s energy.

Kim Needs Someone With Depth

Kim doesn’t have any planets in her seventh house of partnerships, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to work with when further examining the traits of her ideal lover using astrology. Because her chart’s relationship zone falls into Gemini, it’s ruled by the communication planet Mercury — and Kim has Mercury in the secretive and mysterious sign Scorpio. Mercury vibes out with love planet Venus in a perfect sextile aspect (which is a friendly and positive connection), and it’s also sitting very close to unconventional planet Uranus.

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These alignments signify that in addition to a lover who embodies some Gemini zodiac qualities, Kim is likely drawn to people with a powerful, intense, and enigmatic presence. She may also be drawn to eccentric or edgy types who go against the grain, but still show her a lot of affection and appreciation. Either way, there probably needs to be more to someone than meets the eye for them to really catch Kim’s attention. The chatty and quick-witted Gemini vibe might initially attract her, but it’s someone’s fierce uniqueness and the emotional depth beneath the surface that’ll solidify a connection.

Will Kim Meet Her Match?

It’s very possible that the coming year could be a bountiful one for Kim’s love life, as lucky planet Jupiter just entered Gemini on May 25 — which means it’ll be activating her chart’s relationship zone from now through 2025. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, optimism, and expansion, so as it travels through this part of her chart, she may have more plentiful options of eligible suitors or a better chance of finding a partner she’d like to commit to.

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When discussing the qualities on her aforementioned “MANifest list,” Kim also expressed that she wanted a partner who is spontaneous, fun, and a good role model for her children. Mutable zodiac signs like open-minded Gemini and free-spirited Sagittarius certainly fit the bill for the first two traits, as they both love to have a good time and make decisions on the fly. Plus, people born under these signs would likely make a good match for her, — Geminis would align with her chart’s relationship sector while Sagittarians would activate her rising sign and sexy planet Mars, both of which she has in this fire sign’s realm.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.