Your Guide To Staying Balanced During March’s Full Moon

It’s time to get real about our closest relationships.

Knowing the dos and don'ts of the March 2021 full moon is important for all zodiac signs.
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Get ready, because the March 2021 full moon is hitting on March 28, and it’s helping us find our footing as we dip our toes into some new energy. As the premiere full moon of Aries season, the springtime, and the new astrological year (all of which began on March 20), this lunar vibe will put us in touch with ourselves and our relationships as we embark on a new beginning. Thanks to a cluster of sensitive planets facing off with the moon at the time of this lunation, we’re in store for some serious emotions. And knowing the do’s and don’ts for the March 2021 full moon can help all zodiac signs in navigating any cosmic chaos.

The full moon is taking place in the peacemaking sign of Libra, which is associated with things like balance and partnership. This will put the dynamics within our closest relationships into the spotlight and show us what issues need addressing. The moon will be forming a tense opposition aspect with Venus, Chiron, and the sun in fiery Aries, which can bring up a lot of sensitive feelings surrounding love. We’re being pulled between our own desires, struggles, and values and the desires of others — and all zodiac signs will be challenged to find a balance between these two worlds.

If we play our cards right, this full moon in Libra offers us a beautiful opportunity to bring more harmony into our lives, get real about our relationships, and steady ourselves as we charge forward into the new astrological year. Here’s your guide to the March 2021 full moon so that you know what to do.

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DO: Focus On Your Relationships

The brazen energy of Aries season has all zodiac signs ultra focused on their wants and needs. But Libra is the sign of partnerships — so having the full moon here will temporarily shift our focus onto our relationships with others. The lunar vibes are great for having open conversations and building stronger connections, so take advantage of it.

DON'T: Ignore Red Flags In Romance

Full moons in astrology are known to illuminate matters, especially those involving other people. And because this romantic Libra full moon will be facing off with love planet Venus, we can expect to see all the issues within our closest partnerships with crystal clarity. If there are simmering resentments or glaring red flags plaguing your romantic connections, don’t ignore them. Take this time to smooth over emotional molehills before they turn into unscalable mountains.

DO: Bring Balance To Your Life

Libra zodiac energy is all about balance and harmony. The full moon in its territory inspires us to examine how we’re spending our energy and ensure that it’s being thoughtfully distributed. Spending too much time at work and not enough time socializing? Pouring your heart into romance without saving any energy for solo self-care? If you sense imbalances in your life, now’s a time to start evening things out.

DON’T: Run From Your Insecurities

Chiron is a dwarf planet, and it’s often referred to as the “wounded healer” in astrology. At the time of this lunation, Chiron will be aligning with both Venus (planet of love) and the sun (planet of ego) and forming a triple-planet opposition aspect with the moon. This tense cosmic connection is likely to illuminate all sorts of painful memories and current sensitivities, especially when it comes to love. Instead of trying to run from what emerges, use the full moon’s energy to get in touch with your fears and insecurities around love. Doing a sexy candle ritual could help you channel some romance into your life and clear your blockages.

DO: Start Healing From Heartbreaks

Chiron in astrology rules over our deepest wounds and our ability to heal from them. Because Chiron is aligning with the personal energy of the sun and sitting opposite to the moon, all zodiac signs have a chance to finally start healing from past heartbreaks. It’s a good time to seek closure in past relationships, whether that’s by having a heartfelt conversation with someone who hurt you, or by finding a sense of peace about the pain on your own.

DON’T: Be Harsh With Your Words

With intense connections between the sentimental moon, romantic Venus, and wounded-healer Chiron, this full moon will require some emotional sensitivity. However, the trio of planets in headstrong Aries will have us feeling more impatient and confrontational than usual. Instead of giving into our fiery impulses as we discuss the ins and outs of our relationships, we’ll benefit from channeling Libra’s patented diplomacy and grace. Be gentle in the way you speak to others and be willing to compromise in order to make things work.