All The Major Astrological Events Happening In March

Welcome to the only retrograde-free month of the year.

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March 2021 Astrology Includes The Astrological New Year & A Full Moon
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I'm not sure how another month has whizzed by, but here we are! And when it comes to the astrology of March 2021, the cosmic forecast looks pretty clear. February rocked our world with the intensity of the 2021 Aquarius stellium and the year's first Mercury retrograde period, but thankfully, things chill out considerably over the coming month. However, there are still some major astrological happenings in March 2021 that you'll want to mark on your calendar.

The first three weeks of this month will be dominated by watery Pisces energy, which culminates in an emotional new moon on March 13 that's part of yet another powerful planetary stellium. Later in the month, we're due for an exciting triple new beginning, as we kick off Aries season, spring, and the astrological new year on March 20. All the personal planets in astrology will be switching signs this month, so we'll be feeling some significant shifts — but all will be balancing out as we wrap up the month with a full moon in Libra on March 28 to harmonize our hearts.

More good news: March is the only month of 2021 during which none of the major planets will be retrograde. From now until April 27 (when Pluto retrograde 2021 begins), we are officially in a retrograde-free zone — meaning that it's a time for progress, forward motion, and looking toward the future.

Ready for your March 2021 astrological overview? Read on.

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The Refreshing Breeze Of Mars In Gemini On March 3

We kicked off the month with a refreshing mental motivation boost thanks to Mars entering Gemini on March 3. Mars is the planet of action, sex, and goal-crushing, and it'll travel through the mutable air sign Gemini's realm through April 23. Gemini is the most communication-oriented sign of the zodiac, so this transit will help us take action through our words (and probably make us extra flirty, too).

While this transit might shorten our attention span and make us restless about anything that requires a fixed and sustained focus, it'll also make us masterful multi-taskers. Use this vibe to breeze through the more tedious tasks and confidently find your voice.

A Flood Of Emotional Pisces Energy

Pisces is the zodiac's mutable water sign, and in case you missed it, Pisces season 2021 dominates the first three weeks of March. Pisces season is a time for getting in touch with our feelings, connecting with our spiritual sides, and allowing our imaginations to run wild, so embrace the strengths of being soft.

On March 13, we'll be flooded with even more emotional Pisces energy via the March 2021 new moon. During this lunation, the sun and moon will align in the sign of Pisces alongside romantic Venus and spiritual Neptune — forming a stellium of planets in Pisces that'll make us feel extra sensitive and dreamy. As the last major lunation of the winter season, this new moon offers us a beautiful chance to connect with our feelings and fantasies, Pisces-style.

In addition to the sun and Venus spending most of the month in this watery realm, the asteroid Pallas enters Pisces on March 7, inspiring us to lean into our intuitive sense of wisdom and channel our feelings into creativity. About a week later, on March 15, communication planet Mercury will enter Pisces, too, which will ask us to rely heavily on our intuition and feelings rather than logic.

Getting Fired Up For Aries Season & The Astrological New Year On March 20

Saturday, March 20 is a special day that's bursting with change, excitement, and fresh energy for a few important reasons. Firstly, the sun is moving out of emotional Pisces' realm and into Aries' fiery territory, kicking off Aries season 2021. Aries energy is action-oriented, impulsive, and fearless, so prepare to feel like the most take-charge version of yourself.

This astrological ingress also aligns with the spring equinox, aka the first official day of spring. So you’ll want to bust out your florals and use this Aries-season-induced burst of energy to do some spring cleaning.

Lastly, the first day of spring and Aries season also heralds in the 2021 astrological new year. Because Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, the first day of Aries season always denotes the start a new solar year, at least according to the astrological calendar. With so many cosmic new beginnings swirling together on this lucky day, it's a great time to get fired up about your goals and make some astrologically refreshed New Year's intentions.

A Venusian Steam-Up For Our Love Lives

The day after the sun enters fiery Aries, the planet of love and romance follows suit. From March 21 through April 14, Venus in Aries will inspire us to take charge of our own pleasure and ask for exactly what we want when it comes to romance. You may even feel more competitive or feisty on the dating scene, so if you're single, have some playful fun.

And if you're looking for a fresh start in the romance department, you've got it. That's because on March 26, we'll experience a rare and special aspect known as the Venus Star Point, during which romantic Venus will align in a powerful conjunction aspect with the glitzy sun. Prepare for exciting new possibilities to bloom in your love life now. It's a great time to embrace your confidence in romance, recommit to your values in love, start a new relationship, or open a dreamy new chapter within a current partnership.

A Full Moon On March 28 To Balance Us Out

We're closing out the month with the March 2021 full moon in Libra on March 28, which inspires us to find balance in our lives and bring harmony to our relationships. This is a great time to examine the intricacies of your close relationships and get real about talking through your issues before they get any more confusing. Libra's charming energy will grant all of us some extra diplomacy and grace when it comes to navigating full moon conversations, so it's a good time to bring up any emotional issues that require sensitivity to tackle.

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