Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of November’s New Moon

“Lunar Samhain” is a chance to connect with the spirit realm.

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Rising in the skies on Nov. 4, the November 2021 new moon is carrying us straight into the heart of Scorpio season and the depths of our souls. This powerful lunation serves up some tension, turmoil, and unexpected twists — but it’ll also help us to forge a deep connection with our feelings and fears alike. The spiritual meaning of the November 2021 new moon is rich with magic, if you’re willing to roll with its waves.

New moons are the starting point of the monthly lunar cycle, so astrologically, they’re thought to bring new beginnings and fresh opportunities. This is the most auspicious phase of the moon for setting personal intentions, starting new projects, and bringing new things into your life, which is why so many people use these lunations for manifesting rituals. The November 2021 new moon in particular takes place in the deep and emotional sign of Scorpio — so the spiritual meaning of this new moon is all about facing the darkness of our shadow sides and embracing our inner truth.

You don’t want to sleep on the transformational power of this lunar moment. Read on for the scoop on the November 2021 new moon meaning so you know how to align with its spiritual vibe.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of November’s New Moon?

While Halloween will have just passed by the time this new moon peaks on Nov. 4, this lunation will actually extend some of spooky vibes of the season. That’s because the annual new moon in Scorpio is sometimes known as “Lunar Samhain” — a reference to the witchy celebration of Samhain (which typically takes place on Halloween). During this pagan holiday, it’s believed that the “veil” between the world of the departed and the living is thinner and more penetrable, so many people use this occasion to connect with the spirit realm and honor their ancestors.

That said, November’s new moon is a meaningful moment for looking inward and getting real with your dark side. Instead of resisting the unknown and fearing the inevitable cycle of passing and rebirth, now’s a time to fully embrace the more shadowy parts of your psyche and try transforming your pain into power. Allow yourself to explore your most existential thoughts and give credence to any intuitive messages you might pick up on. Because the new moon will be forming a perfect opposition aspect to unpredictable planet Uranus, there will also be all sorts of cosmic shake-ups in store for us — which delivers the perfect opportunity to practice standing tall in our spiritual strength while still surrendering to the universal flow.

How To Work With The November New Moon Energy

New moons are always a good time for introspection, as the darkness of the sky symbolizes lack of outside illumination — which encourages us to seek answers and insights from within instead of from external sources. This aspect of the new moon is even potent this month, as Scorpio zodiac energy is all about exploring our deepest emotions and uncovering what’s hidden. Alone time is really important under this new moon, so try to rid yourself of distractions and forego any social events that would distract you from your feelings. The lunar energy can help to heighten your intuition and spiritual sense of connection, which makes it great for getting in touch with your true emotions and the fears that lie beneath the surface of your life. Once you shine a light on the darker parts of yourself, you have a chance to heal and transform those things, turning them into strength.

Because December’s new moon will be an eclipse (which is not considered a good time for practicing moon magic), this is also our last good chance to do a new moon manifestation for the rest of the year — so take advantage of this lucky opportunity! Set aside time to align with your deepest desires and consciously set some personal intentions by writing them down, making a vision board, or saying them aloud as you light a candle. Diving into a deep meditation or putting together a witchy new moon ritual are both great ways to harness this intense and mystical energy, too. And thanks to feisty planet Mars’ heavy influence on this lunation — Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, and the moon will align with Mars just before it peaks — we’ll be extra motivated to chase after our goals and find ways to reach our destinations.