Watch Out For The Rare Double Blood Moon On Oct. 9 & 10

An astrologer breaks down the spiritual meaning of the lunar event.

The October 2022 full blood moon arrives on Oct. 9 in Aries.
Daniel Garrido/Moment/Getty Images

It’s hard to deny the impact the moon has on us, especially at its fullest and most dazzling. In astrology, the full moon’s essence inspires release, completion, and putting your manifestations to work. And that’s the case for the October 2022 full blood moon in hotshot Aries, which ornaments the night sky on Oct. 9. October’s next lunation is about fully embracing your independence and balancing your needs and the needs of others. Knowing the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 full blood moon can help you create boundaries and harness your inner power.

Its pumpkin hue can be attributed to its relation to the sun. “The blood moon will be taking place before the sun sets, which is what causes the blood red coloring when the sun finally sets,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. “But it’s also important to note that this full moon is a rare double moon, meaning it takes place at the same time two nights in a row.” That’s twice as many opportunities for manifestation rituals, spells, and emotional catharsis.

“This full moon promises to bring up some old emotions and feelings that you might’ve thought you were finished with,” says Ash. Aries zodiac signs tend to be short-tempered, so be aware of emotionally-charged reactions during this time. And although hotshot Aries is the center of this lunation, Libra season is currently in full swing. These signs coexist on the same axis, meaning the blood moon is a chance for us to reconcile our emotional attachment to our independence with our deep need for connection with others. “One of the key aspects influencing this shift is the sun in Libra will be forming a tight conjunction with Venus, the planet of relationships, intensifying emotions,” she says. How are you balancing your relationship and your independence? This is all about ensuring you aren’t prioritizing everyone else’s needs over your own and restoring your self-reliance.

October’s double dose of Aries is your sign to step into your power, so you may want to know how you can fully embody the ruthless energy of the cardinal fire sign. But first, you’ll need some background on the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 full blood moon.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Full Blood Moon In Aries?

With its sinister orange glow reminiscent of a horror film, it makes sense how the October 2022 full blood moon gets its name. It’s also called the Sanguine or Hunter’s moon because it arrives during autumn and signals to Indigenous tribes that it’s prime hunting season, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Astrologically, full moons signify a time of letting go, so this lunation sets the mood for ultimate release and embracing the change that’s to come.

Aries starts the zodiac wheel and represents the first breath of life. It’s why many astrologers think of Aries as the baby of the zodiac: optimistic, active, and eager to hit the ground running — often without a second thought. With the full moon symbolizing action, it makes the blood moon a perfect time to spearhead the brilliant ideas festering this season and hard launch those creative projects. But mostly, it’s a powerful time to reallocate the energy you’ve been giving to others, back to yourself. “October’s blood moon is all about focusing on yourself again and finding your independent streak,” says Ash.

Just like la Luna’s mystifying moonbeams illuminate the sky, the full moon is bringing to light suppressed emotions, so be prepared for them to bubble up to the surface right now. “If you’ve been feeling uncertain or unsure about your path in life, or maybe even feel as though you’ve been living your life for others lately, you can expect this lunation to bring clarity,” Ash explains.

How To Work With The Full Moon Energy

Gutsy Aries doesn’t shy away from a challenge. The fearless fire sign is a leader, trailblazing the way for the rest of the zodiac who struggle to keep up with Aries’ ruthless competitiveness. The October 2022 full blood moon is about embodying that daredevil role, plunging headfirst, and demanding what we want — taking all of the bold risks in order to get there.

“With Mars going retrograde at the end of the month, the astrology for the rest of this year has a lot of swirling uncertainty,” explains Ash. The forthcoming Scorpio season adds to the impending transformations, so be prepared for uncomfortable shifts.

Since October’s full moon omits an eclipse, you can confidently manifest and sent intentions without worrying about the chaotic energy eclipses can bring. Practicing affirmations, exercising, and taking the lead on a new project are all ways to channel your inner Aries.

“This is the time to get your house in order and make sure everything is taken care of,” explains Ash. “If you’re looking for a ritual or manifestation to do during this time, this blood moon is perfect for charging crystals, solidifying your dreams via scripting, or even doing a cleansing and protection ritual for yourself.” Whatever you do to ring in the rare double blood moon, be sure to do so with the intention of self-love and feeding your inner strength,