Ophiuchus’ Hidden Powers, According To An Astrologer

The so-called 13th zodiac sign would blend in with any group.

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Whether you religiously check the Pattern app or scroll through Instagram for your horoscope needs, no follower of astrology is safe from being exposed to the controversial discourse: the so-called 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. Despite rumors rattling the internet, most astrologers don’t claim Ophiuchus as a legit zodiac sign. Still, that hasn’t kept professionals and connoisseurs from wondering — if there was a 13th sign, what would they be like? What would Ophiuchus’ hidden powers be?

Because it’s said that the alleged zodiac sign would be sandwiched between emotionally attuned Scorpio and life-long explorer Sagittarius, astrologers have entertained the idea that those born under Ophiuchus would blend traits of the two. If it were a zodiac sign, Ophiuchus’ hidden powers might include Scorpio’s intoxicating prowess of persuasion and Sagittarius’ sense of adventure. You can assume that an Ophiuchus would have plenty of tricks hidden under their sleeves.

“People born under this sign are recognized as highly sensitive and tend to be more able to tune in with other people's emotions and act in a healing way due to their ability to walk a mile in other people's shoes,” Ivana Naskova, astrologer for the Nebula App, tells Bustle.

Curious to know what it would look like if Ophiuchus was part of the zodiac? Read on to learn about what Ophiuchus’ hidden powers would be.

Ophiuchus Would Be Mystic Healers

The constellation of Ophiuchus is close-knit with the story of the Greco-Roman god, Aesclepius, who lived under the care of the wise healer, Chiron. This connection hints at the idea that Chiron’s powers of healing are passed down to Ophiuchus, and some astrologers would go so far as to say Ophiuchus’ ruling planet would be Chiron.

“In Astrology, Chiron is referred to as the ‘Wounded Healer’ and it stands as the ruling planet of Ophiuchus. The placement of Chiron in the chart shows us the deepest wounds we need to heal in order to have a prosperous life. Being placed between highly intuitive Scorpio and spiritual Sagittarius only adds more intensity to their senses and intuition,” explains Naskova.

Ophiuchus Would Be Chameleons

As the mutable fire signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius’ natural adaptability would allow Ophiuchus the ability Ophiuchus to have the ability to shapeshift and transmute energy that flows in their direction. It probably helps their versatility that is represented by the elusive and mysterious serpent-bearer, slithering swiftly through different environments as a water-sign Scorpio would.

“Mutable zodiac signs have an innate ability to be very flexible and adaptable where other people fail. They’re known to handle changes quite exceptionally and are able to adjust fast to any kind of newfound circumstances. Under Scorpio's influence, Ophiuchus has a talent for discovering new approaches and finding new perspectives on things at any given moment.”

Ophiuchus Would Be Fearless

With Scorpio representing all things taboo and Sagittarius being a daring fire sign, Ophiuchus would likely be a bold type. Since these signs don’t cower in the face of adversity, you can imagine Ophiuchus being brave when it came down to helping someone in need, especially given their natural healing abilities.

“When you combine a mix from Scorpio and Sagittarius, you get boldness and courage and that is exactly what Ophiuchus is. Scorpios are one of the most intimidating signs in the zodiac, as they have a powerful and strong energy that always captures the attention of the room. Sagittarius live every day like it’s their last. People born under this sign are free-spirited and best explained as ‘daredevils’,” explains Naskova.

Ophiuchus Would Be A Truth Elixir

When you share strengths with direct and brazen Sagittarius, you’re bound for a life of travel, excitement, and a life-long quest for knowledge and truth. Between their get-real attitude or their need for authenticity, an Ophiuchus would be on the hunt for the truth.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, therefore has a strong influence on Ophiuchus as well, since this sign allegedly shares traits with smart Sagittarius,” explains Naskova. “You can never fool a person under the influence of Jupiter, as this planet is all about knowledge, exploration, discovery, and learning.”