These 2 Zodiac Signs Get The Ick So Easily

They can't help it if they're picky.

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You’ve probably experienced it at some point: Someone you’re attracted to does or says one seemingly inconsequential little thing, but it turns out to be a massive and instantaneous turn-off. Just like that, you’ve got the ick — and once someone gives you the ick, it can be hard to undo it. While everyone has dating pet peeves that skeeve them out or turn them off, some people may be even more sensitive to these little triggers than others. Could astrology play a role in how easily someone gets the ick?

For those of you who aren’t chronically online, getting “the ick” is a term popularized on TikTok, and it refers to the sudden and intense feeling of repulsion toward someone you were previously attracted to. The ick can be triggered by a tiny action, or even by imagining the person doing something in your mind — and it’s certainly not always rational or justifiable. It just is, and once it hits, it’s nearly impossible to go back.

There are lots of reasons why some people could wind up getting the ick more than others. This psychological phenomenon could stem from insecurities or past experiences. But when looking at it from an astrological perspective, there are a few things to consider. Looking at the modalities in astrology can be helpful, as the four mutable zodiac signs tend to change their minds quickly and accept when something is over — so once they get the ick, they won’t hesitate to move on.

You might also look at the placement of serious planet Saturn in someone’s birth chart, as this ringed giant can be especially harsh and icy, and tends to lead with tough love. Because of its strict and judgmental influence, someone with a prominent Saturn in their chart could be a little more picky or discerning than the average person.

All zodiac signs have little things that’ll instantly gross them out on a date night, but there are a couple of zodiac signs who get the ick so easily.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

Ruled by the sharp and intellectual planet Mercury, Virgos are naturally observant and analytical, and they pick up on just about every little detail in front of them. And because virtually nothing slips past them, it’s almost too easy for them to catch someone doing something that triggers an ick. These hawk-eyed earth signs can’t help but notice little things that others might overlook, and unfortunately, some of what they see could turn out to be a turn-off. Virgos are also one of the zodiac’s mutable signs, so they’re prone to changing their mind on a dime, and could easily decide that someone’s no longer a dating prospect based on something relatively small, without looking back.

Virgo is the sign associated with purity, and they’re symbolized by the au naturel earth maiden, so they like to keep things simple, streamlined, and natural. That’s why anything that comes off as too gaudy, complicated, or unhealthy will be an instant turn-off for them. Someone even remotely unhygienic or sloppy is virtually guaranteed to scare off a clean and orderly Virgo immediately, as is any behavior that strikes them as tacky or makes someone appear overly desperate for attention.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Capricorns are ruled by the stern planet Saturn, so they can be quite discerning when it comes to picking a partner — and additionally, they’re highly prone to getting the ick. When dating, these dedicated and hardworking earth signs are usually looking for someone to commit to for the long term, so they’re less likely to let a turn-off slide, even if it’s something relatively small. No-nonsense Capricorns are practical and down-to-earth, but they have a strong intuitive side too, so they generally trust their instincts even when there’s no rational explanation. That means that once they’re hit with an ick, they’ll likely take it as a sign that the person just isn’t compatible with them and move on.

Capricorns know the value of their time and energy and go out of their way to respect other people, too. That’s why seemingly small things like showing up a few minutes late, being a little wishy-washy about plans, or not seeming to take responsibilities seriously enough can be instant turn-offs for these earth signs. Capricorns don’t open up to people very quickly, so once they do, that emotional closeness is important to them — so if they feel like someone is acting selfishly or shallowly, this can also trigger an ick.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.