11 Sex Positions To Try Before November Is Over

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

As this month comes to close, it's the perfect time to ask yourself: What have I even done this month? If you're trying to rack your brain to figure out if you've done anything extraordinary or memorable, and you keep coming back to the words "nothing" or "not much," then there's still time to change that. Because who doesn't want a single month to pass without at least something fantastic happening?

If one should live and not merely exist, as Jack London wrote, then one must be active in making sure their days and months are not wasted. One way to make sure you waste nothing is to expand your sexual horizons — in other words, have sex in positions you've never tried before or positions that you haven't tried enough. You may think you're sexually satisfied, but until you've tried it all, or at least most of it, you'll never know for sure. In fact, you may not have even discovered your most favorite sex position yet — and that's a damn tragedy.

So before you let the last few days of the month disappear into the past, consider trying these 11 sex positions. Once December gets here, you'll have even less time for sex than you already do, so it's best to make the most of what you have now.

1. Weak In The Knees

How to do it: Have one partner lie down, while the other straddles their face to start oral stimulation.

Why you should do it before the month is over: Honestly, when was the last time you straddled your partner's face or vice versa? Has it been awhile? Have you ever done it? I think the answers to these questions will lead you to the reason why you should do this position before the month is over, because obviously.

2. Bouncing Reverse Cowgirl

How to do it: With your partner laying down on their back, straddle them facing away, lowering yourself onto them. Then, as the name suggests, bounce. But carefully! You don't want a sex injury.

Why you should do it before the month is over: Since we're coming into the holiday season, and everyone is stressed, sometimes you just want a position in which you can totally be in control, because stress can make you feel like everything is out of your control. So, giving this position a try for either the first time or the hundredth time is going to make you feel like you have some control over things again — at least for the moment.

3. In A Chair

How to do it: First, find a very sturdy chair. Next, have your partner sit in it, while you straddle them, facing toward them. Then you want to be begin to grind, unless your legs are long enough that you can push yourself up and down to achieve an in-out motion.

Why you should do it before the month is over: If you think about it, when it comes to sex, the furniture in your house is probably very much underused. Sure, your bed gets a lot of action, but what about all the other pieces you've invested in over the years? That, right there, is your reason to do this position before the month is over.

4. Sofa Doggy

How to do it: While on the sofa, turn around and drape yourself off the back, while on your knees. From here, your partner penetrates you from behind, just as they would with traditional doggy style, the only difference being that it's over the back (or side) of a couch, making it a bit more comfy.

Why you should do it before the month is over: As the temperatures drop, you're probably spending a lot more time indoors and on the couch. At some point, you just might get a little bored with all that TV-watching, so sofa doggy is the position to which you want to turn.

5. Girl On Top

How to do it: With your partner seated and their legs bent, straddle them while facing them, lowering yourself into their lap and onto them,

Why you should do it before the month is over: I think for this particular position that's both intimate and great for clitoral stimulation, the question to be asked here is: "Why shouldn't you do it?"

6. Mutual Masturbation

How to do it: Have both you and your partner get into comfy spots, then proceed to masturbate in front of each other. Throw in some dirty talk, too, to make it even extra hot.

Why you should do it before the month is over: There's so much more to sex than just intercourse. Since that's the case, it's time to spice up your usual techniques and add more mutual masturbation to your sex life. It's the one position where you get to be really selfish.

7. Modified Doggy

How to do it: For modified doggy, you can either start in traditional doggy and lower yourselves down or just start in the already lowered position. Next, proceed as would with traditional doggy style.

Why you should do it before the month is over: Personally, this position is one of my favorites and I think there's never a reason not to do it. However, if you've never tried this position, then you definitely have a reason to do it before the month is over.

8. Doggy Blow Job

How to do it: With your partner on their knees and you in doggy style facing them, lean in to give your partner a blow job. This particular position gives you the opportunity to control depth and speed, with your hands on their hips.

Why you should do it before the month is over: It's a different spin on blow jobs, which is fun for both you and your partner.

9. Three-Legged Dog

How to do it: When it comes to standing sex, where you and your partner are facing each other, it requires a little more finagling than if you were having standing sex while facing in the same direction. If your partner is taller, then they'll have to lower their hips to get inside you, but once they do, you're almost there. To complete the three-legged dog position, after you've been been penetrated, have your partner lift one of your legs, so they can use it for leverage and to pull themselves deeper into you. Although this position is possible without a wall for support, a wall isn't a bad idea, if you're nervous about taking a tumble.

Why you should do it before the month is over: Because you don't have enough standing sex, that's why! None of us have enough standing sex and we really need to get on that and have more of it, especially since it's ideal for quickies and we could all use more quickies in our lives.

10. Handcuffs

How to do it: Get some handcuffs, then get creative.

Why you should do it before the month is over: As someone who advocates for always experimenting and exploring during sex, if you and your partner have been wanting to give BDSM a little try, give it a go with some handcuffs. It isn't just a big step in pushing your sexual boundaries, but really exciting, too.

11. Missionary

How to do it: In case you've forgotten, you know, because you've been exploring all the other sex positions out there, for missionary, all you have to do is lay down, while your partner lays horizontal on you and penetrates from above.

Why you should do it before the month is over: Although things like handcuffs, spanking, and maybe even having a quickie in a public bathroom are delicious, sometimes getting back to basics is what the body needs. So, if it's been awhile, you might as well do it now. Then you can branch back out again to other fancier and more difficult positions.

When it comes to trying new sex positions with your partner, one should never have to have a reason. But, if you do, then here you go: Quick! The month's almost over! Try these sex positions, stat!