22 Music Moments From 'Vanderpump Rules' That True Fans Will Never Forget


When the employees of Lisa Vanderpump's SUR first came onto the Bravo scene in 2013, no one knew there would be so many unforgettable Vanderpump Rules music moments. Seven seasons later, fans not only tune in for the drama, but also to see what's next for the cast music-wise. When will Tom Sandoval will pull out his trumpet? When will DJ James Kennedy, aka "White Kanye," once again get fired? When will Scheana Marie record another classic like "Good as Gold"? These are the questions that now cross the minds of fans every time a new episode airs.

Music is a huge part of the reality series. Since Season 1, many of the SURvers have had a passion for music. Though, not all of them should be entering the music industry, that's for sure. That may sound harsh, but it's the truth and there's no doubt that avid Pump Rules viewers will agree. However, the off-key singing of some of the cast members also probably wouldn't stop diehard fans from actually attending a show to see them in action. Talk about an Instagram-worthy performance and bragging rights.

With that, let's take a walk down memory lane by recalling some of the unforgettable music moments from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff that fans will reminisce about for years to come.


Sandoval & His Trumpet

Never will fans ever forget the time Sandoval showed off his trumpet "skills" for the very first time in Season 6. Iconic to this day.


Sandoval's Music Video

Where were you when Sandoval dropped the music video for "T.I.P" with his band, Charles McMansion? If you haven't seen the epic 2016 video, you need to watch it, stat, especially for the cameos from Ariana Madix, Lala Kent, and the Faith Stowers.


Scheana's First Recording Session


The very first episode of the reality series started off with a bang when Scheana hopped inside the recording studio, made sex sounds, and discussed how she was repeatedly mistaken for Britney Spears. Oh, Scheana.


Scheana's Very First Performance


Also in Season 1, Scheana performed on stage for her family, friends, and SUR colleagues for the very first time. It will go down in Pump Rules history as an unforgettable Scheana performance. And, yes, that is Ariana as her backup singer and dancer!


Scheana Is "Good As Gold"


And yet another memorable moment is from Season 2's finale when Scheana hopped up on SUR's bar and sang her own song, "Good as Gold," during her engagement party to now ex-husband, Mike Shay.


Meeting DJ James Kennedy

James first rolled onto the Pump Rules scene in Season 2 as a busboy and has been going strong ever since. How can fans ever forget first being introduced to James and his DJ skills? Can anyone really talk about James without referring to him as "DJ James Kennedy" at least once?


"See You Next Tuesday"

In Season 6, James came up with the name, "See You Next Tuesday," for his DJ gig at SUR. It actually became quite a huge success not only for James, but also LVP's bar and restaurant. The event was basically James' baby, which was ripped from his loving arms in Season 7 after he got fired.


Lala & James Feel Each Other

Before Lala Kent and James stopped being friends, they were all about making sweet, sweet music together, including their single "Feeling You."


James' Music Video

In 2016, James released a music video for his track titled "Don't Look Down." Unfortunately, the video is currently unavailable, except for the above clip. To help you imagine it, the video represented "a day in the life of the musician." Picture James taking a shot of tequila while wearing matching socks and underwear, and later on having blue paint and confetti dumped all over him. A true piece of art, kind of.


Lala's Showcase

In Season 6, Lala took the stage and performed her very first musical showcase, which you can watch above. Everyone in attendance was impressed with her talent and all of the hard work she's done to get as far as she is musically. Oh, and Lala even hired Stassi Schroeder to plan the event, which she totally pulled off.


Lala Calls Scheana "Tone Deaf"


It's true that Scheana isn't exactly the best singer, nor is she professionally trained. And that's something Lala couldn't help but point out in Season 6 when she said about her friend, "I love Scheana with all my heart, but the girl is tone deaf." Scheana responded to Lala's comments during a March 2018 Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen episode and said, "If I'm gonna sing a song, it's gonna be one that's right for my voice."


Scheana & Shay's Duet

And here is yet another Scheana club masterpiece that she created with her ex-husband, Mike Shay. Yes, Scheana has actually released a lot of tracks.



For unknown reasons, Sandoval, James, Scheana, and Kristen Doute helped promote the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3 in December 2017 by singing a song with some of the Barden Bellas called the "12 Days of Pitchmas." And, yes, Kristen even sang.


James & The Countess

Real Housewives of New York City's Luann de Lesseps will forever be known for her music hits, like "Money Can't Buy You Class." Well, in 2018, she joined forces with James and created a remix of her classic song. You can listen to it above.


James "Gets Loose"

In February 2018, James performed his song "Get Loose" in the WWHL clubhouse, and you definitely need to experience the performance for yourself.


John Legend

This doesn't directly deal with the Pump Rules cast, but it still counts. Who will ever forget about the time John Legend sang the show's theme song in January 2016 and Chrissy Teigen shared it on Instagram for fans to enjoy? Best. Day. Ever.


Sandoval & Bon Jovi

Did you know Sandoval appeared in two Bon Jovi music videos? That's right, he can be seen in the video for "Misunderstood," in which he portrays a man caught cheating on his girlfriend with a woman played by none other than Camila Alves. If that isn't enough, Sandoval also appeared in Bon Jovi's 2002 follow-up video "All About Lovin' You," where he played the same part as in "Misunderstood."


James & The Dog Poop


There's nothing quite like the moment when James DJ'd LVP's event for World Dog Day in Season 5 and then announced over the microphone, "Pick up your dog’s poop, thank you." The editing of Pump Rules is genius.


James In The Closet

When Daily Mail threw a party at TomTom in Season 7 and James ended up DJ'ing from a literal closet, all while sitting on a package of Quilted Northern, well, it was one of his best moments.


Sandoval's Wedding Surprise


Did anyone really think Sandoval would leave his trumpet at home at Katie Maloney and Schwartz's wedding at the end of Season 5? He just had to have his shining moment — and with the wedding band hired. Well, his trumpet playing surprise for the newlyweds was certainly entertaining, as always.


James "Discovered" Lala

Yep, James declared in Season 6 that he was "proud" of himself for "discovering Lala." Or, better yet, as he said, "I feel like I'm f*cking Dr. Dre, or something, and she's like my Eminem." OK, James. OK.


James & Ariana "Party"

Finally, as seen in Season 7, Ariana and James totally collaborated and released a song called "Party." If you haven't listened to it, what are you waiting for?

And there you have it. Knowing Pump Rules, there will be many more unforgettable music moments to come.