All The Hairstyles Meghan Markle Has Worn Since Her Engagement, Including That Messy Bun

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to signature looks, there are tons of celebrities who have them. Whether you're obsessed with Ariana Grande's ponytail or can't imagine Reese Witherspoon without blonde hair, there are hairstyles that are classic. Meghan Markle's messy bun may just be one of the most well-known, but don't sleep on this duchess because she's got more look than you may think.

Markle's messy bun has long been held as her go-to 'do, and it kind of still is, but the Duchess of Sussex has proved that she can rock way more than just loose waves around her face and a bun that looks controlled yet messy. She's actually taken on a few different styles since her engagement to Prince Harry, and they may just take you by surprise.

While you were probably paying attention to all the bespoke Givenchy dresses Markle has been wearing or figuring out where to purchase some of her more affordable wears, the Duchess has been changing up her hairstyle, and even if the different looks have just a subtle difference, the changes are definitely notable for someone with such an iconic hairstyle.

From ponytails to blown out waves to bringing back the sock bun, Markle has been busy experimenting with her hair, and you may have never even noticed. What all has she worn since becoming an official member of the royal family?

Classic Wavy Blow Out

During she and Prince Harry's engagement photo call in Nov. 2017 and to events both before and after her marriage, Markle has rocked a wavy blow out. The looks is both simple and effortless and is next in line for her most signature look after her messy bun.

In fact, the waves are so common, that she was even spotted with them last week during an outing with Prince Harry.

Signature Messy Bun

Of course, Markle's messy bun is potentially her most well-known look. The Duchess began wearing it to official events following in Jan. 2018 following her engagement, and the look just hasn't ceased (thankfully, because it's great).

Markle's bun is so iconic that she even wore it not once but twice for her wedding.

She wore a more styled version to the ceremony and a looser look to the reception. Like her blow out, this look hasn't gone anywhere she since became a duchess.

Straight Hair

While waves seem to be Markle's go-to, she's also worn her hair in a more sleek, straight blow out.

In fact, it was her straight locks in late 2018 that sparked rumors of a pregnancy (that ultimately ended up being true).

Sleek Side Bun

Markle's bun has had a couple of iterations since her engagement, and one of her first departures from the messy look was this sleek, structured side bun for the Royal Ascot.

Sleek Middle Part Bun

While in Ireland, Markle switched up her bun again and tied back the tendrils that often fall around her face.

The more sleek look is another that has remained popular with Markle, especially for more somber or formal events. She wore the hairstyle when presenting her wedding gown designer Claire Waight Keller the British Fashion Award for Designer of the Year.

She's also still wearing the look now. Most recently, she wore the bun style to a performance of Cirque de Soleil that benefited Prince Harry's charity Sentebale.

Classic Curls

Markle tends to rock a wave more than a classic curl, but this finger wave looked perfect on the Duchess of Sussex.

Half-Up Half-Down Bun

Markle's bun got yet another iteration while she was in Australia. At the Invictus Games medal ceremony, she rocked a half-up, half-down bun that was definitely different for her.

It's not the only time the Duchess has worn her hair both half-up and down. She also tried a looser, more romantic look while in Australia, and it was so pretty.

Slick Pony

While Markle certainly seems to prefer buns to ponytails, it doesn't mean she hasn't worn one. This slick back style is a classic, and it's totally copyable.

Floral Chignon

Yes, Markle wears a bun quite a bit, but don't mistake her chignon for one. This look from her time in Fiji was so pretty with it's volume adding style and floral details.

Low & Loose Ponytail

Unlike her slick, more formal ponytail, Markle has worn a lower and more loose version. She was at the Hub Community Kitchen when she wore the pony, and it's the perfect style choice for a less formal event where she'd be active.

Sideswept Bun

In one of her most recent outings to the National Theatre, Markle decided to switch up her bun look again. While it was definitely still her classic messy style, a bit of her hair was actually swept to the side and behind her ear. Meanwhile, her typical choice is parted down the center with curls on either side.

Sock Bun

Okay, is Meghan Markle really wearing a sock bun? No, probably not, but the donut shaped bun is her most recent version, and she could just be responsible for the resurgence of said sock/ballet/donut bun hybrid.

While Meghan Markle's messy bun and loose waves are definitely her most worn and most iconic looks, don't ever call the Duchess of Sussex's hair boring. She's clearly got more tricks up her hair wand than you think.