Etsy's Trend Predictions For 2019 Will Make You Want To Redo Your Whole Room


I don't know about you, but I'm ready for millennial pink to die a slow and painful death. Don't get me wrong — I love pink. But why pink? And why are millennials credited for it? We didn't invent pink. We're not responsible for pink. Now, apparently, we are responsible for killing the golf industry as well as paper napkins, so there's that.

But I digress.

Thankfully for me, in addition to saying goodbye to the golf industry and paper napkins (they're bad for the environment anyway!), millennial pink is reportedly on its way out — this according to Etsy's 2019 trend predictions. What else can we look forward to next year, according to Etsy?

Well, they've officially declared 2019 the year of "Being Real," with capital letters. Etsy says we're going to move away from "idealistic distractions" and veer more toward reality — nature, imperfections, simplicity. We're talking all-natural products and tones, a greater focus on sustainability, and being a little more realistic when it comes to how we live and decorate our homes.

Does this mean we're doing away with perfectly symmetrical penciled in Kardashian eyebrows? Let's get real about how much time we all have to pencil in our eyebrows in the morning. We're lucky if we remember to put deodorant on.


Let's take a look more specifically at what Etsy believes 2019 has in store for us.

Burnt Orange Is Going To Be *The* Color

Something about this makes me uncomfortable, maybe because the only time I think of the word "burnt" is when I'm in the kitchen and I set something on fire. Regardless, the change in the "it" color is refreshing.

If Etsy's on top of their game, in 2019, we can probably expect burnt orange hair, burnt orange lipstick, burnt orange macarons, and a burnt orange Dutch oven line from Le Creuset. I'm not mad.

Herbariums Mean Dead Flowers Are IN!

I assumed this was a word Etsy had just made up, but sure enough, herbariums are a thing — and the marketplace predicts they'll be stepping into the spotlight in 2019.

In case you're not as on top of the trends as Etsy is, herbariums are dry flower arrangements. That happens to be my favorite kind of flower arrangement, because they're already dead, so I can't kill them.

This also means they require almost no maintenance, which is perfect, because we've been so busy trying to pencil in our eyebrows all year. Herbariums can use flowers or herbs and add a little something special to your home.

Sloths Are Going to Replace Unicorns

2018 was definitely the year of the unicorn. We had unicorn beach products, unicorn eyeliner, National Unicorn Day, and unicorn snot lip gloss — marking the time it became acceptable to wipe snot on your lips, not that that ever stopped us from doing it before.

2019, though? 2019 is all about the sloth, which coincidentally happens to be my spirit animal. Next year, we're all going to want to be "one with the sloth" — more laid back, carefree, and hopefully eating more vegetables.

Maximalism: A Big "Eff You" To Trying To Be Perfect

Etsy had predicted 2018 would be marked by wabi-sabi — "the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection," says — and they were right. In 2019, Etsy thinks we're going to take it to the next level.

It won't merely be acceptable to be imperfect and mismatched — it'll be desirable. Think clashing patters, styles, and colors. Unsurprisingly, this is excellent news for people who never knew how to dress in the first place (me).

Southwestern Style (Aesthetics, Not Food)

Before you start having visions of chili con queso, Etsy's referring more to fashion and home decor. For 2019, they expect to see plenty of earth tones, natural-looking fabrics, and rough, imperfect textures. Oh, and bolo ties might make an appearance, because why not?

We already got a taste of this in 2018, with the micro-cactus trend, creative cactus planters, goth succulents, and all sorts of products for people who love succulents. Expect next year to be even more extra.

Asymmetrical, Very Obviously Uneven Eyebrows

Just kidding.