One Of Hostess's 3 New CupCake Flavors Is Millennial Pink, So Bring On The Instas, Y'all

by Megan Grant

The taste of food has officially taken a backseat to something far more important: is it pink? Millennial pink food is all the rage lately, and your favorite packaged dessert from the '90s is the latest to hop on the bandwagon. Millennial pink Hostess CupCakes are here, Hostess announced on Facebook, but only for a limited time. In other words, stock up now and freeze 'em for later, right next to your Thin Mints.

To be clear, Hostess isn't calling them "millennial pink." Instead, they're using "strawberry," or whatever. But let's be honest: we all know these are millennial pink cupcakes and taste just like pink. This flavor is one of just three hitting the shelves for a limited time only. The other two flavors, according to Cosmopolitan, are mint chocolate — filled with creamy mint magic and covered in green frosting (hello Saint Patrick's Day!) — and sea salt caramel, a yellow cupcake topped with caramel frosting and sea salt, and filled with caramel creaminess.

Hostess's three traditional flavors are chocolate, orange, and red velvet, but millennial pink cupcakes are here to jazz things up a bit. Hostess also confirmed in a Facebook comment you can get coupons for the treats delivered straight to your inbox; so if I were you, I'd sign up pronto.

Or don't. That just means more millennial pink cupcakes for me. Muahaha!


This isn't the first time Hostess started thinking outside the cupcake box. In late 2015, as Delish reported, they released dark chocolate-raspberry and chocolate-covered strawberry flavors, ahead of Valentine's Day. The orange and black ScaryCakes made our Halloween spooktacularly delicious. HolidayCakes brought all the festive cheer to the holiday season. I<3U cakes were heart-shaped and helped spread the love. Spring cupcakes were wonderfully purple and made us think of all the beautiful flowers in bloom. Baseball cupcakes made us want to scream, "Playyyyyy balllll!!!!!" And candy corn Hostess CupCakes were... well... awful, because who likes candy corn? But people loved them anyway, because they were Hostess CupCakes so nobody can judge. In all their many iterations, Hostess has never let us down.

With millennial pink trending like crazy, it perhaps comes as no surprise the dessert company wanted a piece of the cake — they're not the first and probably not the last, either. We've seen millennial pink Kit Kats, radicchio salads, chocolate, lattes, hard cider, alfredo, doughnuts, ice cream, hummus, and even cheese. (And you thought cheese couldn't get any better.) Artificial colors be damned. I love me some millennial pink noms. For years to come, anything pink is automatically going to be referred to as millennial pink, because our generation clearly invented the color. (You're welcome.) Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how photogenic this stuff is?

It doesn't end at food and beverages, either. Millennial pink has taken over our beauty routines and wardrobe choices, too.

But guys, this isn't like the time I dyed my hair purple in college and it accidentally came out as some disturbed shade of pink. Millennial pink looks good on everyone, which is probably why Nike, bathing suits, hair trends, and even cookware have all succumbed to the pink craze. While our generation was busy destroying Home Depot, movie theaters, and mom and pop stores, at least we got something right. See? We're not a total waste.

No word yet on how much time you have to nab the new perfectly pink Hostess CupCakes, but I'd suggest you grab a box (or 20) now, because methinks they won't last on the shelves very long. (Read: I'm going to buy them all.) Happy snacking!