Bri & Matt Are Still Flirting With Each Other On Instagram Post-'BiP'


Bri Barnes was a late arrival to Bachelor in Paradise and for the final rose ceremony, she's stuck in a love triangle with Matt and Sydney. It will be up to Matt if Bri stays, but her social media sure doesn't make it seem like Bri is dating anyone after Bachelor in Paradise. Bri isn't on Twitter and her Instagram mostly focuses on her career as a model. In fact, the only guy who has made an appearance on Bri's Insta since her days on Colton's season of The Bachelor is her brother Ryan. But while Bri definitely isn't flaunting a relationship online, that doesn't mean you still can't hold out hope for Matt and her.

The Sept. 9 episode showed Matt spending time with both Bri and Sydney, but it wasn't entirely clear who he will end up giving his rose to. Yet, viewers might sense that he's leaning more toward Bri based on their brief interactions. While he was playful with Bri in the hot tub, blowing bubbles and doing handstands, he continued to be a little hesitant toward Sydney. The former Knicks City Dancer attempted to give him a massage and he brought up his mom ... again. And when she tried to get him to invite her to dance at the prom that JPJ threw for Tayshia, Matt appeared to ignore her request — which Sydney joked about on Twitter. So if those clues are to be believed, Bri might end up with Matt's rose.

Just like Sydney, Bri was having fun live commenting about the Sept. 9 episode of Paradise. On her Instagram Story, Bri made fun of herself for standing alone at the food counter when she wrote, "Love all around me and I'm just tryna figure out what's for lunch."

She also laughed at the slightly (or extremely) awkward way that Matt was flirting with her. She thanked Chase for his efforts with the pineapple to "show us the way" when it came to Matt taking the initiative with kissing her.

The episode happened to air on Matt's birthday. So next, she wrote, "Happy birthday to the sweetest playboy I've ever met" with a winky face over footage of Blake's commentary about it being weird that Matt was "the playboy of Paradise." Matt shared her birthday message to him on his Instagram Story and thanked her with a heart emoji.

Lastly, she joked about how serious she looked when she walked by while Sydney was giving Matt a massage. "Uh what's happening here? Excuse me @oldmattdonald22, a word please!!" she wrote while you can hear her laughing in the background.

Due to the playful nature of her posts, it doesn't seem like anything with Matt was too serious. So just because Matt might end up picking Bri over Sydney in Paradise doesn't mean that the model is still with Old Matt Donald. And she might not be with anyone else currently either — although, she has noted interest in other Bachelor Nation people.

After she was sent home on Colton's season, Bri spoke to Lauren Zima of Entertainment Tonight about which other Bachelor alums she was interested in. She listed Paradise bartender Wells Adams, who is now happily engaged to Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. She also brought up former Bachelor Ben Higgins, but he also has a girlfriend. Bri acknowledged both of those men were in committed relationships, so then she brought up Dean, asking if he was single.

Dean and Caelynn rode off into the sunset in a van together and are still together, so Bri may have to expand her Bachelor Nation pool or go outside the reality TV franchise to find love. The 24-year-old did tell Zima that she prefers to date older men

"I've dated guys who are younger than me and it didn't really turn out well. So I need a man that's a little bit older, you know, gone through a little bit more life experience," Bri said back in January. So while she probably won't need your help, keep that in mind if you are looking to set up the potentially single Bri if her time with Matt on Paradise ends.