There Might Just Be A Kim K Foundation In The Future, According To Kim K

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No one knows how to expand a beauty empire quite like a Kardashian, and that's exactly what Kim K. has been doing. Her eponymous KKW Beauty has grown from contour kits to lip and eye products, and she doesn't seem to be stopping. In fact, a KKW Beauty foundation may be on its way. In an interview with Bustle at the opening of her KKW Beauty Pop-Up, Kardashian spills all of the tea on what she loves most about foundation and the importance of perfecting a formula.

Of course, foundation wouldn't be Kardashian's first foray into face products. It's basically how her brand started. When KKW Beauty first launched, its debut product was one that is still most synonymous with Kardashian herself: contour. The brand's highlight and contour creme sticks eventually turned into powder kits which then turned into her Ultra Light Beam highlighters. Then, she branched out beyond the complexion.

KKW Beauty has launched its first collaboration, an eyeshadow palette and accompanying lip shades, with Kardashian's longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. After KKW x Mario came KKW x Argenis, a set of creme eyeshadow sticks from the winner of the Kardashian produced series Glam Master.

One of Kardashian's latest products, though, is a slight glimpse into a world where KKW foundation actually exists.

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Only a few weeks ago, Kardashian launched her Conceal, Bake and Brighten concealer kits. The three piece kit included one cream concealer, a baking powder, and a brightening powder. Why does that matter, though? It means that Kardashian and her KKW Beauty lab have clearly been formulating cream complexion products in a variety of shades. While concealers and foundations obviously have different purposes, it's hard to deny that after concealer, foundation seems like the likely jump. According to Kardashian, she's love to make it.

In an interview with Bustle, Kardashian explains that she'd love to "get in to" foundations. For her, though, it's all about getting the formula just right. While a diverse shade range is important — she says that Fenty Beauty's launch of 40 different options set a "great tone" in the beauty industry — for her it's all about making sure the formula is right and growing from there. Kardashian explains:

You can have so many shades, but the formula has to be right. I’m more concerned with that, because I know you can always expand, you can always add and that would be the goal — to come out with a great range of foundations. That would literally be an exciting thing for me because I really do love foundation.
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Kardashian's focus on formulation shouldn't come as a huge surprise to fans of KKW Beauty, especially those who have used her concealer kits. Following the launch, beauty vloggers took to their channels to review the new products. As it turns out the KKW concealer formula was kind of great. In fact, vloggers like Tati Westbrook have continued to use the product in subsequent videos. There's not much higher praise than that.

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For the time being, however, it seems lips are the name of the game for KKW Beauty. The brand just launched their range of eight nude lipsticks in a diverse array of shades that suit multiple skin tones. The classic bullet lipstick is the second lip product launch for Kardashian, coming after her collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner, her Ultra Light Beam glosses, and the glosses that launched with the KKW x Mario collaboration.

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While a KKW Beauty foundation may not be coming immediately, the product certainly seems to be one that the burgeoning beauty mogul is considering. Now, fans just have to wait until KKW breaks the internet again. This time, though, it will be with foundation.