Wells & Danielle M. Are So Flirty On Twitter After 'BiP'

Eric McCandless/ABC

The question on most Bachelor In Paradise fans' minds is if Wells is with Danielle now after they shared a kiss during the Aug. 22 episode. But if you're not 'shipping these longtime friends, perhaps the question on your mind is if Wells is single now after Bachelor In Paradise? Although both Wells Adams' and Danielle Maltby's social media pages are flooded with comments from fans asking about their potential relationship, the Nashville friends are purposefully not revealing their dating status. So whether you want Wells with Danielle or just want him all to yourself, Wells isn't saying if he's single or not while BiP is still on. But don't let that stop you from digging into his social media and overanalyzing his posts in an effort to figure out his love life.

For Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise, Wells is there strictly as a bartender — well, that's what he was supposed to be. But when Danielle left Paradise to do humanitarian work in Africa using her nursing skills, he didn't pass on the opportunity to give her a goodbye kiss. Because of this, and because of Wells and Danielle's many interactions on Twitter and Instagram, fans are thinking these two finally started dating in real life after years of friendship that began pre-Bachelor Nation.

While you could say that Wells and Danielle's banter on social media is just for them — like talking about watching Game Of Thrones together or Danielle teasing Wells about going on a "fart walk" — they are very aware of fans' desire for more information. Danielle proved that they like being mysterious and aren't going to tell fans what's going on between them when she tweeted, "Sorry I can't answer your questions about @WellsAdams - I'm stuck on @taylorswift13" on Aug. 25 after Taylor Swift released her song, "Look What You Made Me Do."

However, Danielle and Wells aren't the only two people from Bachelor Nation on social media and one major piece of evidence that has people talking about them being together is a photo from Carly Waddell. On Aug. 22, Carly posted a photo of Wells and Danielle with her and Evan and current BiP couple Derek and Taylor. The caption of, "We love love!!! Here's to hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!!!" left people talking since it sure made it seem like a triple Bachelor Nation date for the ages.

Now that Danielle is back from Africa and Wells is finished filming Bachelor In Paradise, it's totally feasible that they're a couple. But while Wells does post a lot about Danielle and seems to be hanging with her frequently, he also tweets a decent amount about other female Bachelor In Paradise contestants, like Taylor Nolan, Kristina Schulman, and Alexis Waters. That's not to say he's dating any of them (especially since Taylor could still be dating his buddy Derek from JoJo's season), but it is proof that he has a flirtatious and friendly social media presence, so it may be unwise to read into his tweets and Instagram posts about Danielle too much.

Another clue that Wells could be single is he said so himself in a tweet from Aug. 7. Sure, a lot can change in three weeks — especially if you're used to dating at the pace established by The Bachelor — but Wells wrote, "Friendly reminder I'm currently still on the market, ladies. Only requirement, you must love dogs."

Yet, Danielle didn't let this tweet go unanswered and replied, "And hate cats."

Danielle's tweet shows that even when Wells explicitly posts about being single, his relationship status is still up for discussion since she's teasing him — and all the Bachelor fans on the internet. So while Wells may not technically be a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise, his state of singleness is currently as questionable as anyone else's who is hanging in Paradise. But just like those contestants, he better give fans some intel once Season 4 of the fun in the sun show is over.