The 16 Best Opening Lines For Tinder


Whether you've used dating apps or not, you've probably seen some very cringe-worthy messages that other people have received. When you're swiping away in search of love (or lust), it can be hard to think of opening lines for Tinder that are interesting, effective, and not totally lame.

Most importantly, be unique and be true to yourself. "Take a cue from your match's bio, profile pictures, or Spotify anthem," a spokesperson for Tinder tells Bustle. "If you make a connection based on a shared interest, the conversation will easily flow."

Just make sure to steer away from generic intros like "hey" or "what's up." These won't help you stand out, and aren't very conversation-inspiring. It can be intimidating to message someone who you think is really cute and interesting, but you don't have to overthink it if that's stressing you out. Just be honest about the fact that you thought the quote in their bio was funny or you think their tattoo is really cool. If you are just yourself, the right person for you will find that totally charming.

But if you need a little bit of extra inspiration, take a look at some of these examples for interesting Tinder opening lines. They'll hopefully help you connect with the person you're looking to meet.