The 2 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Think Negatively

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While every sign has the potential to have dark thoughts, some zodiac signs are more likely to go down this road than others. And in many ways, this tendency has a lot to do with the nature of their zodiac sign. "Certain signs may be more prone to diving into darker thoughts than others because of the types of energies they are most sensitive to," astrologer Molly Cardinal, tells Bustle. "The same experience will affect two people differently if one doesn't internalize it as deeply as the other."

But, of course, it's not true for everyone born under certain zodiac signs. "We [...] have to consider how the individual has learned to process their own sign's energy throughout their life to discover whether they've created healthier coping mechanisms," Cardinal says, "or if they continuously allow themselves to fall into deep, dark holes."

While it's OK to have "dark" thoughts, it's always possible to go overboard. Take suspicion, for instance. If a sign is prone to suspicion and jealousy, it can lead to unwanted stress. But by recognizing the dark thought for what it is — and taking steps to see things from a different perspective — any sign can find balance. Here are the two zodiac signs most likely to have dark thoughts, according to experts.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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While the personality traits common to each sign can play a role in the way they think, so can the celestial body the sign is associated with. "Cancers are ruled by the ever-changing Moon and therefore they are given to moods that can grow increasingly dark," astrologer Lisa Barretta, tells Bustle.

As a result, it's easy for Cancer to struggle with low self-esteem, or to think the world is walking all over them. And that can impact how they interact with others. "This sign, more so than any other, can hold a lifelong grudge and permanently shut someone out of their life," Barretta says.

Cancer can also be deeply suspicious, "and in some cases justifiably so because their ruler, the Moon, rules instincts and intuition," Barretta says. "Their preponderance towards being jealous rises from their sensitive and insecure nature. There is more of a tendency to see the glass as half empty instead of half full."

While Cancer's "dark" thoughts help them keep a firm grasp on reality, if they feel like they're getting out of hand, there are ways for them to strike a better balance. "Cancers can try to overcome these traits by becoming more secure and worrying less about what others think or do," Barretta says. "They can use their natural intuition in a more positive way."

This can take some practice, of course, as they learn how to boost their self-esteem and feel more grounded. But the end result is often entirely worth it.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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If anyone's going to have a "dark" thought, it's Scorpio. "The nature of this sign is that they have an inherent connection to the underworld; to the deepest corners of the human experience," Cardinal says. "Consider that they are ruled by the planet Pluto, who is the furthest away from the Sun, as symbolic of the depth to which they can feel things."

Since they're deeply emotional, Scorpio also tends to be quite thoughtful about life, and often enjoys discussing heavier topics with their friends. But on occasion, their dark thoughts can get the better of them.

"Going this deep into the human experience also comes with the theme of control and suspicion," Cardinal says. "Scorpio wants to delve deep into the root of any issue, trying to figure out who's lying, and often trying to control that situation or person from the core."

Without meaning to, Scorpio can find themselves feeling jealous, or even vindictive. But this tendency doesn't have to take over their lives. As Cardinal says, "The trick for Scorpio to find more balance is to spend more time above ground, so to speak, and learn to trust."

In doing so, Scorpio will come across more opportunities to incorporate light into their life, Cardinal says, even if it feels weird at first. They can start by practicing mindfulness, for instance, or even having the occasional light-hearted conversation — just for the fun of it.

Of course, Scorpio doesn't have to change themselves, or do anything that feels unnatural. But if they'd like to find more balance between the dark and the light, these tricks can help.

And the same is true for any sign. It's OK — and it can even be fun — to have deep thoughts. Or to not always be sunny and lighthearted. If it seems like it's getting too heavy, though, noticing it, then taking a few steps to balance it all out, can be a big help.