The 2 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Think Negatively

Hannah Burton/Bustle

While every sign has the potential to have dark thoughts, some zodiac signs are more likely to go down this road than others. And in many ways, this tendency has a lot to do with the nature of their zodiac sign. "Certain signs may be more prone to diving into darker thoughts than others because of the types of energies they are most sensitive to," astrologer Molly Cardinal, tells Bustle. "The same experience will affect two people differently if one doesn't internalize it as deeply as the other."

But, of course, it's not true for everyone born under certain zodiac signs. "We [...] have to consider how the individual has learned to process their own sign's energy throughout their life to discover whether they've created healthier coping mechanisms," Cardinal says, "or if they continuously allow themselves to fall into deep, dark holes."

While it's OK to have "dark" thoughts, it's always possible to go overboard. Take suspicion, for instance. If a sign is prone to suspicion and jealousy, it can lead to unwanted stress. But by recognizing the dark thought for what it is — and taking steps to see things from a different perspective — any sign can find balance. Here are the two zodiac signs most likely to have dark thoughts, according to experts.