The Best Sex Positions To Try In 2018

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With the end of every year and the beginning of a new one, we're given a clean slate. Well, not a totally clean slate, but we're definitely given an opportunity to do things a bit differently than we did the year before, hence the reason so many people turn to New Year's resolutions; resolutions that are mostly meant to improve the person who's doing the resolving. But, how many of those are New Year's resolutions about sex? Something tells me not enough; although I'm not a psychic, so I can't really say for sure.

If you look back at your sex life this past year and you were asked to give it an adjective, could you? And, if that adjective is anything less than awesome, fantastic, mind-blowing, or phenomenal, wouldn't you want to change that for the New Year? I would hope so. As sexual beings, we all deserve to have great sex lives. I'd even go so far as to say that having a fantastic, healthy sex life is a right to which we're all entitled.

So if you're looking to make some changes to your sex life and are hoping to spice it up in the New Year, here are 13 positions that will do just that. So get ready for lots of oral, some kink, a bit of anal play, and something called The Spreader.

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How to do it: If you can, procure some handcuffs. If you have handcuffs, any sort of binding material, like a scarf for example, will do. Next, decide who's getting cuffed and proceed as your heart desires.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: For starters, when was the last time you incorporated handcuffs into your sex life? Oh, never? Well, then that answers that, doesn't it?

2Reverse Cowgirl

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How to do it: With your partner laying on their back, straddle them facing away, lowering yourself onto them. From here, you can either ride them while sitting up or, if it's more comfortable, bent over, lying horizontally against your partner's legs.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Although the cowgirl position is pretty popular, reverse cowgirl doesn't get the love it deserves. It doesn't just feel great for both partners, but there's a power dynamic at play. If you're looking to take charge in the bedroom, it's a great one to try.

3Weak In The Knees

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How to do it: Have your partner lay on their back, then straddle their face so they can orally stimulate you. Then switch.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: While I'm not the resolution-making type, I have decided 2018 will be the year of more oral — not just for me, but for all us. Giving and receiving oral is intimate AF, bonding the two people engaging in it. When you indulge in a position that bonds, you create an intimacy that adds both spice and comfort to one's sex life.

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How to do it: Laying on your back, with your butt on the edge of the bed, have your partner, who's standing, lift your hips just high enough so they can penetrate you from there. You can rest your legs on their shoulders or against their chest.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: I know very few people who have actually tried the butterfly position. But, of those few people who have — myself being one of them for the sake of research — it's a position that keeps things spicy simply because it's a position that's not done often. Also, it's fun, because your partner can penetrate you deeply while keeping eye contact with you, which is always hot.

5Sideways 69

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How to do it: With both you and your partner on your side, but laying head-to-toe, pull yourself into each other so you're each face-to-face with each other's genitals, then get to orally stimulating.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Similar to using handcuffs, when was the last time you indulged in 69? High school? College? Granted, I just did it less than a week ago — keeping with that whole more oral thing of mine — but I know, for a fact, that this position isn't being done enough, because I know very few women who like it. But, hey, if you haven't tried in years, it may be one to revisit in 2018.

6Doggy With Vibrator

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How to do it: While in traditional doggy style, add a vibrator to the equation to stimulate your clitoris.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Similar to more oral, let's get some more toys involved in the New Year, shall we? There are so many sex toys to choose from — brilliant, innovative, groundbreaking toys — that you'll have no trouble finding one that works for you.

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7The Spreader

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How to do it: While laying on your back with your legs up in the air, have your partner, while on their knees with a knee on each side of you, penetrate you from this angle. Next, and this is the reason for the name, your partner should pull your legs toward them for leverage and then apart, giving them quite the delicious view while penetrating you.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Well, it's called "The Spreader", so that's something right there. Who doesn't want to brag to their friends about how they've been spicing up their sex life with The Spreader?

8Advanced Crab Walk

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How to do it: For this complicated, doozy of a position, you want both you and your partner to start in the crab walk position, facing each other. Then, when you're close enough, lift your hips so you can lower yourself onto them with your legs on their shoulders. Their legs should remain bent and be on either side of you.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Honestly, as far as deep penetration goes, the crab walk just doesn't do it. However, it's a fun position that will have both you and your partner laughing while trying to finagle your way into it. Laughter, FYI, isn't just the spice of life, but the spice of sex.

9Sofa Doggy

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How to do it: While on your knees and draped over the back of the couch, have your partner, who's also on their knees, penetrate you from here. It's basically doggy style, with a cozy couch to make it more comfortable.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Being that the beginning of the New Year will take place during the winter, there's a very good chance that you and your partner will be spending a lot of time watching movies. Since that's probably a very real possibility, you'll need a way to break up those movie marathons and nothing will do that better than sofa doggy.

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10Anal Play

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How to do it: With both you and your partner laying on your sides, facing the same direction, grab the lube, and get to anal play — whether that be anal sex or stimulating the anus with your fingers and/or toys.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Although anal has been on the menu for many people for awhile now, if you haven't added it to your menu, and you and your partner want to give it a try, maybe it's time. With the right lube, the right partner, and a lot of trust, anal play can feel wonderful both women and men.


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How to do it: With both you and your partner standing and facing the same direction, bend over at the hips and have your partner penetrate you from here. You may need to put your hands on the floor or on your knees to support yourself and prevent you from tumbling over onto the floor.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: The way this position is going to spice up your sex life is that you're going to be able to do it anywhere. Anywhere.

12Seated Oral

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How to do it: Grab a chair and decide who sits and receives first. Then, similar to weak in the knees, switch.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018 I mentioned there was going to be more oral in the New Year, right? Yeah, I did. Also, seated oral, on a scale of oral sex positions is really high up there on the list, because it's intimate, hot, and the receiver, being that they're sitting in a chair, really feels like they're being devoured whole by their partner. So effing great!

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13Mutual Masturbation

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How to do it: Choose a spot where you're both comfy and in each other's view, then proceed to touch yourselves.

How it will spice up your love life in 2018: Although mutual masturbation is one of the easiest positions physically, mentally, it can feel a little daunting — not everyone is comfortable masturbating in front of someone else. But it's this somewhat taboo factor that can add spice to your love life. It can also give both you and your partner a lesson in how to please each other.

And there you have it! Thirteen sex positions to spice up your sex life in the New Year, guaranteeing that 2018 will be far more exciting, sexually speaking, than 2017.

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