This Is The Best Sex Toy To Give Yourself This Holiday Season

If you're like me, you've probably already wondered what holiday gifts you should be getting yourself this year. I've trolled my favorite sites, hung around my favorite stores, and yet, nothing really sparked my interest — until I got an exciting email. I'm not a religious person, but I'm pretty sure I heard the angels singing when I first heard about the launch of Dame Product's Eva II.

Dame Products, and founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, to quote the movie Jerry Maguire, had me at hello. I fell in love with the first sex toy they launched, Eva, and then earlier this year, when I got my hands on their second product, Fin, I boldly announced, "Why Fin Is The Sex Toy Everyone Should Own," in an article that was nothing but praise. I wasn't just praising the product, but both Lieberman and Fine for doing something that not enough sex products aim to do: close the orgasm gap.

"Eva II was made possible by years of listening to couples talk openly about their sexual experiences," Fine tells Bustle. "We couldn’t make effective products without the vulnerability of our testers. The importance of vulnerability is not only imperative for our process development but it is also a crucial factor in creating rewarding sexual experiences and intimate relationships.”

I was fortunate enough to be part of the research process, which meant getting my hands on a prototype months ago. If you're looking for a sex toy to give yourself this holiday season, all you need is Eva II — here's why.


It's Feminist AF

What I love about both Alexandra Fine (who made it to this year's Forbes 30 Under 30 list) and Janet Lieberman, is that they put female pleasure first. I have spoken, at length, with Lieberman about my favorite toys and what works for me — one of the many she's interviewed on the subject — because making a quality product for women, by women, is paramount to them. These two aren't just trying to close the orgasm gap; they are closing the orgasm gap.


Eva II Is More Than Just An Upgrade

"Eva II is the result of three years of listening closely to consumer feedback, studying testers' experiences and re-engineering the original design," states the press release, and it's true. Having been part of that research and sitting in on a focus group a couple years ago, Dame Products didn't mess around in what they were trying to accomplish.

While the first Eva was revolutionary in so many ways, like all things, necessary tweaks are part of the game. Dame Products listened to the their consumers, did their homework, and didn't disappoint.


It's Adaptable To A Wide Range Of Vulva Sizes

While I never had an issue with the original Eva, a friend of mine, whom I gave an Eva to for her birthday, said it didn't stay put. Dame Products realized this was a problem for some consumers, as vulvas come in all shapes and sizes, and remedied it by "adapting to a wider range of vulvas."


It's Travel Friendly

As someone who travels quite a bit, sex toys that are travel-friendly are important to me. I have travelled multiple times with both the original Eva and Fin in my carry-on and, on the few occasions that my bag was searched, the toys (which I keep in a small pouch with my outlet adapters and charge chords), were never questioned. I mean, clearly, they don't look like vibrators... they look more like fun toys from the future.


It's Five Hours Of Fun

When it comes to sex toys, a big complaint for me has always been how long you can play with it before it needs to be recharged. I can't even tell you all the times I've been masturbating or with a partner, and a toy decides it's the perfect time to just crap out — even when it's been fully charged! While it may take four solid hours to charge Eva II, it will stay charged for five full hours. Just think about all the fun that can be had with such a large amount of time! I wish my phone lasted half that long before needing to be charged.


It's Even Quieter

Although the Eva was fairly quiet, especially compared to some sex toys on the market, Eva II promises to be even quieter, but just as powerful, with three vibration levels. While there's no shame in masturbation or using sex toys with a partner, in certain situations — having sex at your parents' house over the holidays — you want something that's more quiet than loud. Your parents may be well aware of the fact that you've discovered your sexuality and are embracing it, but something tells me that they don't need to hear proof of this discovery.


It Comes With High Quality Standards

Just like their other toys, Eva II is made of medical-grade silicone. It carries with it a three-year warranty and a 60-day return policy, both of which are promises that you don't get with all sex toys out there. And, should you do decide to return it, for whatever reason, Dame Products won't even ask why. Basically, you have nothing to lose.

While the holidays are known as the season of giving, it's important to not forget to give to yourself, too.