Bustle's Editors On Meghan Markle + California

By Melissa Mills

Happy freakin' Friday! You've made it through yet another week in 2017, and you're this much closer to the first day of winter, the holidays, and 2018. And what a week it was! Between Selena Gomez making her Instagram private, the devastating wildfires in California (more on that below), and Elf recut as a horror movie trailer, there have been some serious ups and downs.

Before you leave this week completely in the past and check into weekend mode, read on below for everything Bustle's editors were talking about Friday, Dec. 8. Enjoy your weekend!

Katy Perry + Makeover

Say buh-bye to Katy Perry's edgy pixie. The singer was recently seen rocking new, longer hair. It's edgy, messy, and super on-trend. That's right, Perry's look looks super similar to Selena Gomez's new piece-y blonde lob. Which, goes without saying, is super cute. How long before Perry changes up her look again? Only time will tell.

Umm... Is Rihanna engaged?! Fans seem to think so...

Instagram + Messaging

Umm, Instagram might be releasing a whole new app just for messaging and, well, we're not exactly sure how to feel. The new app, which is being called Instagram Direct, connects to your IG profile but would only consist of direct messaging. If this is making you think of Facebook Messenger, you're not alone. Facebook actually owns Instagram now, so it seems like they might be rolling out a similar strategy. TBD on when we'll hear more about Direct, but you might want to start clearing up some space on your phone sooner rather than later.

FYI: Wildfires continue to ravage Southern California, but you can donate to one of these organizations to help victims from wherever you are.

Kylie Jenner + Khloé Kardashian

By now you've heard the rumor that sisters Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian are pregnant. But, without an official confirmation from anyone in the fam – can you hook us up, Kris?! – fans have been left to pick apart every Snapchat, Insta post, and Story for clues. See: Exhibit A and Exhibit B. But, the biggest theory to date is that the sisters will reveal their pregnancies on the family Christmas card. Dec. 25 can't come soon enough!

Attention Bravo Fans: Andy Cohen and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga are being sued for a whopping $30 million. Here's why.

Chipotle + Queso

Got plans for Dec. 12? Well, you do now. Chipotle is holding a super simple holiday giveaway: Wear your cheesiest ugly Christmas sweater and you'll get a free order of queso. Cheesiest sweater — get it?

Must-Try: Planning on a cozy weekend at home? Try this delicious cinnamon roll recipe. Thank me later.

Meghan Markle + Ivanka Trump

Back in 2014 Meghan Markle interviewed Ivanka Trump and the quotes have since started to recirculate. That's because Markle praised Trump, saying that she was "incredibly savvy and intelligent" and "different." Not only that, but Markle also complimented Trump's collections. All of this, of course, was years before Donald Trump – whom, by the way, Markle later referred to as "divisive" and "misogynistic" – ran for office. Sigh.

What to Watch: Season 2 of The Crown is now streaming on Netflix. Go, go, go!

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