Bustle's Editors On Ariana Grande + Pride Month

Happy Monday, all! June is officially underway, and already, the month seems to be speeding by. I have a feeling that this summer is going to go by faster than any of us are ready for, and 4th of July, for instance, will be here before we know it. Eek!

The news, of course, is coming at us faster than ever. Here's a recap of everything that had Bustle's editors talking today, June 5.

London + The Aftermath

Over the weekend, terrorist attacks in London killed at least seven people, and left nearly 50 injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility, and information on the victims is still being released. Yet the lack of info didn't stop President Trump from tweeting his thoughts, of course, with him criticizing London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, for his handling of the attacks. Ugh.

And In Orlando... Monday morning saw a shooting in Orlando, with reports saying that multiple people were killed. Stay safe, everyone.

Ariana Grande + One Love Manchester

On Sunday night, Ariana Grande held her Manchester benefit concert, which saw stars like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and more join up to perform in order to raise money for the families of the May terrorist attack's victims. The concert raised nearly $13 million, and this recap of the Manchester concert's most inspiring moments will leave you smiling — if in tears.

Real Housewives Alert: The new Real Housewives of Orange County trailer is here, and it is intense. Get ready, guys.

Pride Month + How To Celebrate

June is Pride Month, and there are numerous ways you can show your support for the LGBTQ+ community during these next few weeks (and you know, always). These nine Pride events taking place around the world are definitely worth attending, and these LGBTQ+-focused organizations are absolutely worth donating to, if you can.

Pro Tip: Writing down your goals can actually have a big impact on whether or not you actually achieve them, according to psychologists.

Harry Potter + Your New Fave Bar

A Harry Potter-themed bar called The Cauldron could actually exist soon, if this Kickstarter campaign gets funded. The genius idea came from a group of Potter fans, and the bar (which is basically The Three Broomsticks, let's be real) will open in London — that is, if it enough people donate to the fund once it opens on June 26. Get donating!

LOL: These tweets about the Canadian man mowing his lawn during a tornado are so, so good.

Today's WTF Moment: RompHims, aka rompers for men, officially have one (very famous) supporter.

What to Watch: Happy Bachelorette night! Tune in to ABC at 8 p.m. to watch Rachel and her suitors experience a group date, mud wrestling, and more.