Bustle's Editors On Comey + 'The Bachelorette'

Happy hump day, friends! It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in New York, and the rest of the week is looking to be just as nice, thankfully. The weekend seriously can't come soon enough.

But first, there's plenty of news to sift through. Read on for a recap of all the events that had Bustle's editors talking today, Wednesday, May 17:

Trump + Comey

If you didn't hear, it was revealed on Tuesday night that President Trump had asked James Comey to end the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor. The White House has denied this claim, but naturally, many people are up in arms, and Trump's unusual Twitter silence on the matter is certainly telling.

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Chelsea Manning + Freedom

Happy news: Chelsea Manning has been released from prison, after serving seven of her 35-year sentence for leaking classified information to Wikileaks. Many people had argued for her release, and Obama had commuted her sentence during his time as president. Now, it's finally happened, and the first photo of Manning as a free woman will bring a smile to your face.

LOL: Turns out Donald Trump and Elle Woods have a lot in common, according to this Tonight Show skit.

The Bachelorette + New Contestants

Days before the show's premiere, Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette contestants have finally been revealed! From the bilingual Alex to the adorable Peter to the self-proclaimed "tickle monster" Jonathan, this line-up is looking prettttty interesting. Good luck, Rachel.

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Japan's Princess + A Real-Life Fairy Tale

Prepare to swoon, fairy tale lovers. Japan's Princess Mako is stepping down to marry a commoner, Kei Komuro. Japanese imperial law states that a royal must give up their title if they marry a commoner, and so the princess is doing just that because of her love for Komuro. Aww.

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Arrested Development + Season 5

Get ready, Bluth fans: more Arrested Development is on the way. Season 5 of the cult show has gotten the green light, and the whole cast has signed on, so you'll definitely want to tune in — especially since there'll apparently be plenty of parallels to the power-hungry family currently controlling our country.

Pro Tip: Dead butt syndrome is a real thing, so if you work at a desk, make sure you take breaks during the day and move those muscles.

Today's WTF Moment: This woman made a Starburst wrapper dress — and the weirdest part is that it's actually wearable.

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