Bustle's Editors On Sally Yates + MTV

by Rachel Simon

Happy Monday, everyone! Hopefully you spent the weekend resting up and enjoying the nice weather (while it lasted), because despite it being eight days into May, it feels like winter again. Seriously?!

Sigh. In any event, today was a busy one, with lots happening in the news. Here's a recap of what events got Bustle's editors talking.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards + What You Missed

Last night was the first-ever MTV Movie & TV Awards, and if you missed the show, here's a recap. Beauty and the Beast and Stranger Things won the night's biggest prizes, This is Us' Little Randall stole the show, Moonlight took home a historic honor, and the new Wonder Woman trailer made everyone freak out. Also, check out the best of the MTV Awards' red carpet looks to see what your fave stars were wearing when they took to the stage.

OMG Alert: Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times" music video is here, and it features the star literally walking on water. Nice and understated.

Sally Yates + Russia

On Monday, former acting attorney general Sally Yates testified in front of a Senate subcommittee about Russia and Michael Flynn, the White House's former national security advisor. Her testimony could reveal more essential information about Trump's ties to Russia, and in support, many of her supporters are using the hashtag #SallyYatesIsAPatriot. You go, Sally.

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Jennifer Morrison + Once Upon A Time

Big news in the world of Once Upon a Time. Star Jennifer Morrison is leaving the show after the end of Season 6. It's still up in the air whether or not Season 7 will happen at all, so it's possible that this could spell the end for not just Morrison, but all of her castmates. Either way, it's sad to see Morrison, who's played Emma Swan since 2011, say her goodbye.

LOL: These Orange is the New Black Season 4 bloopers will make you crack up and get even more excited for next season's June arrival.

The Women's March + A National Sit-In

On Monday, with the help of over 60 other groups, organizers of the Women's March held a national sit-in to protest the Trump administration's policies regarding health care, trans rights, the environment, and more. The sit-in is the last of the March's 10 Actions in 100 Days program, and those who support the cause should sign the accompanying petition to get their voice heard.

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Today's WTF Moment: There's a lot of bacteria on gym equipment, you guys. A lot.

What to Watch: Tonight marks another new episode of Jane the Virgin, which keeps getting better and better. Tune in to the CW at 9 to check it out.