Bustle's Editors On Kylie Jenner + THAT Rumor

How's everyone doing in this post-Kylie-Jenner-might-be-pregnant world? Ah, nothing like a little breaking news on a late Friday afternoon to get you ready for the weekend, am I right?

For more on Jenner's reported pregnancy and much more, read on for a recap of everything that had Bustle's editors talking today, Sept. 22:

Kylie Jenner + Pregnancy

Yes, you read that right. According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott's child. At the time this post was written, Jenner nor anyone in her family had confirmed the report, but nonetheless, the star's alleged pregnancy got Twitter in a total frenzy. But if you're totally shocked, don't be — there were actually plenty of clues about Jenner's reported pregnancy you probably missed.

Quote Of The Day: "What do you feel like is a good age to have kids? Like 25?" — Jenner to dad Caitlyn Jenner back in 2016.

Betsy DeVos + College Sexual Assault

In a move that's not surprising but still deeply upsetting, Betsy DeVos has officially rescinded Obama's guidelines on campus sexual assault. In a letter released to the public, DeVos' Department of Education announced new measures to combat sexual assault, while claiming that the previous guidelines led to accused students being denied fair process, among other issues. For the full look at the new plans, read DeVos' full letter here.

In Better News... The Marine Corps just confirmed its first female infantry officer, the first woman to ever complete one of the military's toughest training courses. Hell, yes.

Ian Somerholder + Nikki Reed

Well, this is not OK. During a podcast, it was revealed that Ian Somerholder threw out wife Nikki Reed's birth control while on vacation, in an apparently misguided attempt to start a family. Obviously, many people are upset, with some calling out Somerholder for taking away his wife's agency, but Reed has released a statement on Twitter saying that the podcast quotes were taken out of context.

Book Recs: These 21 scary books are more terrifying than any horror movie you've probably seen. Good luck.

IKEA + Your New Fave App

OMG, guys: IKEA has a new app that lets you virtually place furniture from the store in your home, so you can see how each piece would look in the real setup. Basically, it's the coolest thing imaginable, and users are most certainly going to have plenty of fun virtually rearranging their living rooms for hours on end. Have fun!

Shopping Break: If you like to bundle up all year long, these down comforters are cooling in the summer and keep anyone warm in the wintertime.

Today's WTF Moment: A coffee brand called Death Wish has recalled one of its products for... possibly actually being able to kill you.

What to Watch: Head to the theaters and choose between the crowdpleasing Battle of the Sexes or the heartwarming Stronger. Or, if you're staying in, marathon Fuller House Season 3 for some serious nostalgia.