Here's Every Movie & TV Show You Need To Watch This Weekend


It's Friday, and while there are plenty of other things to spend the next few days doing — after all, it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that October is as spooky and scary as possible — you might as well take this weekend to check out these must-see new movies and TV shows. And really, with A Star Is Born finally arriving in theaters, so why put anything on your schedule other than brunch and a movie or TV marathon?

With some of the most anticipated films of the year being released, as well as a packed Netflix schedule of new TV shows and Halloween-appropriate scares, it's worth putting all of your other favorite fall activities on hold in order to truly enjoy the feeling of relaxing in front of the screen. Big or small, there's something for everyone to enjoy — and besides, there will be plenty of apples to pick and leaves to peep later in the season. In addition to Lady Gaga's movie-star turn and Tom Hardy's scary-fun superhero film,Venom, in theaters, Netflix is offering up everything from a brand new Gossip Girl murder thriller to a second season of the hilariously awkward, puberty comedy Big Mouth, for all of your cuddling up by the fireplace needs.

Let's take a look at everything you should check out this weekend, both on the silver and the small screens. Just make sure to bring your own candy corn:


'A Star Is Born' (Theaters)

Lady Gaga makes her movie star debut opposite Bradley Cooper in an updated version of the iconic Hollywood cautionary tale about the perils of fame. Come for Gaga's incredible performance (and to say you predicted that she'd be an awards contender from the start), and then keep the soundtrack on repeat through the spring in order to relive Jackson and Ally's romance all over again.


'Venom' (Theaters)

Need something a little creepier to get you into the Halloween spirit? The Tom Hardy super villain filmVenom has all of the action-packed, movie monster excitement you're looking for, plus plenty of inspiration for a last minute Halloween costume. (Everyone else will be the Joker and Harley Quinn; throw everyone for a loop by dressing up as Eddie Brock/Venom and Michelle Williams' character, Anne this year.)


'The Hate U Give' (Theaters)

The highly-anticipated adaptation of Angie Thomas' bestselling novel, The Hate U Give centers on Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg), a teenage girl who becomes an activist after watching her best friend Khalil (Algee Smith) die in a police shooting. With an incredibly relevant message, a powerful soundtrack, and a performance that's generating awards buzz from Stenberg, The Hate U Give is a must-see movie for teens and adults alike.


'Elite' (Netflix)

This Spanish-language teen thriller is guaranteed to be your newest Netflix obsession. Set in an exclusive prep school, Elite combines the backstabbing drama of high school with an unsolved murder after tensions between the wealthy students and three "working class" newcomers result in death and deception. In other words, it's the perfect thing to tide you over under that Pretty Little Liars spinoff premieres next year.


'Big Mouth' Season 2 (Netflix)

Nick Kroll's animated comedy all about the hysterical, painfully awkward moments of adolescence returns for a second season on Netflix, and promises to be just as cringe-worthy, wildly graphic and inappropriate and frank about the joys and horrors of puberty as the first season. Season 2 also introduces a new character voiced by Gina Rodriguez, and a Shame Wizard, voiced by Harry Potter alumnus Davis Thewlis, who causes Andrew (John Mulaney) just as much anxiety and stress as his over-the-top Hormone Monster (Kroll).


'Truth Or Dare' (Netflix)

Want to kick off your Halloween celebrations with a good, old fashioned scare? Netflix added Truth Or Dare to its library on October 3, just in time for everyone to catch up on their favorite spooks and scares. Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey star as friends who play the deadliest game of truth or dare in history, in which the only way out is to die.

Teen-drama thrillers, classic slasher films, movie musicals and Hormone Monsters — between big screen debuts and streaming service releases, there's officially so much content to catch up on this weekend that, well, it's a little scary.