The New Movies & Shows On Netflix This Week Include An Underrated Disney Classic

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Over the past few years, Netflix has largely become known as the place where people go to binge watch TV shows. But the company largely started as a movie rental service ("flix" is in the company's name, after all), and now it looks like Netflix is going back to its roots. There are loads of movies hitting Netflix this week, and a number of them are considered classics among their fans. But one that is especially exciting that starts streaming this week is The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Pretty much everyone agrees that The Princess Diaries is a Disney live-action classic, but the film's 2004 sequel doesn't get nearly the love it deserves. The movie sees the return of both Anne Hathaway as Princess Mia and Julie Andrews as Queen Clarisse, and also adds a young Chris Pine as Lord Nicholas Devereaux. But it's the movie's message that really makes it stand out. When the all-male Genovian Parliament tells Mia that she'll have to get married in order to become queen, she rebels, eventually bringing a change to the law and paving the way for women to join the parliament. It's a strong feminist message that came at a time before Disney was really known for giving their princesses much agency.

As great as it is, Princess Diaries 2 isn't the only big movie — or show — arriving on Netflix soon, so take a look below at the highlights for the coming week.

1. ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’ - Aug. 1


Let's be honest: One Princess Diaries movie just wasn't enough.

2. 'Steel Magnolias' - Aug. 1

SonyPicsHomeEntWorld on YouTube

With its killer cast including Julia Roberts, Sally Field, and Dolly Parton, this 1989 dramedy remains one of the most iconic tearjerkers ever.

3. ‘Gran Torino’ - Aug. 1

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The phrase "Get off my lawn" was never put to better use than in this film.

4. ‘Million Dollar Baby’ - Aug. 1

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Not content with one Clint Eastwood movie this week, Netflix keeps the tears flowing with this boxing classic, which won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actress for Hillary Swank, Best Supporting Actor for Morgan Freeman, and Best Director for Eastwood.

5. ‘P.S. I Love You’ - Aug. 1

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Another Swank film, this romantic drama sees her in considerably lighter form than in the previous entry on this list.

6. ‘No Reservations’ - Aug. 1

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If you're in the mood for a rom-com, look no further than this restaurant-set 2007 flick.

7. ‘Clerks’ - Aug. 1

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Kevin Smith's most memorable film remains as quotable today as it did 24 years ago when it was first released.

8. 'Stripes' - Aug. 1

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This 1980s comedy classic sees comedic all-stars Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and John Candy as a crew of slackers who join the army and inadvertently heat up the Cold War.

9. ‘The Golden Compass’ - Aug. 1

The Golden Compass - Trailer on YouTube

This literary adaptation was meant to kick off a new franchise, but its lackluster box office led to its planned sequels being canceled. Now, it's more of a big budget curiosity than anything, but still worth a look.

10. ‘Constantine’ - Aug. 1

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Keanu Reeves stars as the titular supernatural DC Comics hero in this cult classic, but it's the gender-bending Tilda Swinton who steals the show.

11. ‘Batman Begins’ - Aug. 1

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The Dark Knight gets all the attention, but Christopher Nolan's first Batman film is an excellent movie in its own right.

12. ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ - Aug. 1

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The first installment in the epic trilogy heads to Netflix, so you can start the saga all over again.

13. ‘The Aviator’ - Aug. 1

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Leonardo DiCaprio gives one of his strongest performances in this biopic about eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

14. ‘Secretariat’ - Aug. 1

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It's the Disneyfied true story of one of the most famous race horses to ever live.

15. ‘Dreamcatcher’ - Aug. 1

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Stephen King has never been hotter, so it's time to familiarize yourself with all of the author's works of you want to stay ahead of the curve.

16. ‘The Informant!’ - Aug. 1


Matt Damon gives one of his goofiest performances ever in this corporate comedy caper that's based on a true story.

17. 'Eraser' - Aug. 1

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This '90s action classic sees Arnold Schwarzenegger sworn to protect Vanessa Williams from a menacing group of arms dealers.

18. 'Once In A Lifetime Sessions' - Aug. 1

TLCtube on YouTube

This new original docuseries gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of a number of musicians. First up are Moby, Nile Rodgers, Noel Gallagher, and TLC.

19. 'Silverado' - Aug. 1

Silverado - Trailer on YouTube

The American western's heyday was well over by the time this film premiered in 1985, but that didn't stop it from being a fantastic example of the genre.

20. ‘Emelie’ - Aug. 2

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This acclaimed 2016 thriller will cause you to look at babysitters in a whole new light.

21. 'I Am A Killer' - Aug. 3

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This new docuseries allows death row inmates to tell you directly what it's like to be on death row.

22. 'Like Father' - Aug. 3

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This Netflix original film starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogen will probably make you want to call your dad.

23. 'Marching Orders' - Aug. 3

Breeshawn Watson on YouTube

Who knew marching bands were full of so much drama? This new docuseries chronicles what it's like to be a member of Bethune-Cookman University's marching band, and it's pretty intense.

24. 'Paid In Full' - Aug. 5

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This fictional account of three drug dealers in 1980s Harlem, on which Jay Z was a producer, was inspired by a true story.

With this lineup of films, movie buffs who subscribe to Netflix ought to be in for a pretty cinematic week.