The Things Most Likely To Give You Anxiety, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you've ever chewed off all your fingernails while uttering a phrase like, "Ugh, I'm such a Virgo," then you already know some worries seem to be specific to each zodiac sign. That's definitely not to say, however, that anxiety is rooted in the stars. A true anxiety disorder is a whole different animal. But, if you're dealing with daily worries — especially ones that seem to be connected to your natural personality traits — it never hurts to turn to the Zodiac for a little guidance.

"Each sign has specific life path themes that relate to the sign's ruling planet and place within the Zodiac," professional astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "We often worry about things that are most important to us and most significant in terms of our life path."

Once you learn more about your natural tendencies, you'll know just what to work on when it comes to feeling calmer and more secure. As Lang says, "By learning the specific worries of your sign, you can better discern which worries are zapping your creative energy and which ones can inform our dedicated action." Whatever your sign, there's definitely something that's likely to bug you, and all your fellow Leos, Virgos, Pisces, etc. Read on for some eye-opening worries specific to each sign.

Aries: The Threat Of Failure

If anything scares you, Aries, it's the possibility of failure. This is all thanks to your fire sign, which makes you incredibly competitive and can, in turn, fuel your fears even more. "They absolutely need to be the best at everything they do," says astrologer Valerie Mesa. "They're natural trend-setters who strive to leave a legacy, and losing is just not in their vocabulary."

Taurus: Money And A Lack Of Security

Even when doing great financially, you're never quite able to shake those money worries. "A Taurus likes to have stability in all areas of their life, and so they worry about money and long-term financial security," Lang says. "No matter how rich or poor, finances can preoccupy a Taurus mind."

For this same reason, you're likely to worry about going outside your comfort zone, too. As Mesa says, "Taurus lives to be comfortable and part of that comfort is having stability." And this fear may even hold you back when it comes to trying something new.

Gemini: Little Errors And Misunderstandings

Life's little details are most likely to keep a Gemini up at night. "Typos in an email, scheduling appointments, organizing desk drawers. [Geminis] worry about one sentence they said in a conversation that you could misconstrue," Lang says. "They will think of a hundred ways they could have said it differently and might even email you later to clarify that particular point." Sound familiar?

Cancer: A Lack Of Security

Much like Taurus, your biggest fear is a lack of security. "Cancers like to build a nest egg and provide for their families," Lang says. "They need to have a safe place in the world and feel secure in love. The fear of losing someone they love can keep a Cancer up at night [and] the worry about something happening to their home can make a Cancer a prime candidate for an alarm system."

Cancers also worry a heck of a lot about money. As astrologer and life coach Suzie Wright says, "They could have a million dollars in the bank and still worry whether it's enough."

Leo: What Other People Think

As a Leo, your biggest concerns in life revolve around what other people think. You naturally love attention, so you tend to freak out when you can't get it, and feel extra hurt when you're ignored. But getting attention can backfire. "Leo can misinterpret this attention and feel judged," Lang says. And that can stress you out, too.

Virgo: Disorganization

It can be being a Virgo, since the sign often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety. "Worry and Virgo have become synonymous," says Lang. But that doesn't mean you're destined for a life of stress. "Ruled by Mercury, Virgo likes to focus on minutia, organizing and ordering all areas of their lives ... By thinking through and analyzing every little detail of a situation, they strategize step-by-step plans and make things happen." So usually, it pays off in the end.

Libra: The Thought Of Letting People Down

As a Libra, you worry most about letting other people down. And thus have a huge problem with saying no. "People-pleasing Libras worry about disappointing others or making people mad," Lang says. Which can leave you with a very stressful overly-packed calendar. "A Libra will avoid conflict at all costs; he or she would rather avoid your calls than tell you 'no.'"

Scorpio: Betrayal

Scorpios worry most about being betrayed. The thought sends shivers down their spine, and can even keep them up at night. And this feeling can be especially stressful when a Scorpio feels like they're being lied to. "They have strong intuitions and can usually identify ulterior motives," Lang says. While helpful in some instances, this tendency can lead to a stressful life if you end up playing "detective" with everyone you meet.

Sagittarius: The Fear Of Missing Out

If you're a Sagittarius, you likely suffer from one horrible case of FOMO after another. "Sagittarius wants to experience everything and anything," Mesa says. "This fire sign is always looking for the next best thing, and they're totally OK with insomnia if that means they're experiencing life to the ultimate fullest." Be careful about burning out, though, since that'll just lead to even more stress.

Capricorn: Not Achieving Success

As another sign that hates to fail, you might find yourself worrying about your success levels all the damn time. "Nothing gives Capricorn anxiety like the prospect of failure. They have specific professional and personal goals, and they pride themselves on their ability to achieve," Lang says. If it feels like you aren't reaching your ultimate potential, all sorts of stress will ensue.

Aquarius: Environmental And Social Issues

Whatever's on the news is what stresses you out the most. "Aquarians worry about global, environmental, and social issues," Lang says. "They are the activists dedicated to a mission. They watch the news for clues about what's wrong in the world and try to find ways to make a difference." While that's a lovely trait, it's important not to get too stressed out.

Pisces: Everyone Else's Worries

Your biggest worry is often other people's worries, whether it's a close friend or a total stranger on the street. "A Pisces will worry to show their care," Lang says. "They like to help others, and when they can't do anything specific to help, worrying makes them feel they are doing something." It may not be the healthiest coping mechanism, but it's what you do.

If any of these worries bother you, though, it's entirely possible to change your ways. With a little work — especially with the help of a counselor — you can start to put things in perspective.

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