The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Leave A Relationship When Things Get Difficult
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Every relationship will go through its fair share of ups and downs. And when it comes to astrology, there are zodiac signs who naturally want to make that effort, as well as signs who may prefer to leave when a relationship gets difficult.

These are the folks who, for a variety of reasons, might not want to deal with ups and down. They value having fun with their partner, and they also value maintaining their freedom. So if their partner wants to have tough conversations, or if conflict has made things feel heavy, leaving can sound so much easier — and more appealing.

"Generally, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn do the necessary work to keep a relationship on track," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, tells Bustle. "They know how to hang in there and persevere."

But others, and especially air signs, can be "less committed, at least in the traditional sense," Carmen Mayes, an astrologer and spiritual wellness coach, tells Bustle. "They need space to explore different situations, outcomes, and connections to people. Logic also makes it easier for air signs to walk away if love becomes too much of a battle instead a source of happiness." With that in mind, here are the four signs most likely to take that route when a relationship gets difficult, according to experts.


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Aries is known for their energy and independence, so it may not come as a surprise that many prefer to light on out of town the moments things get tough, instead of sticking around and figuring out what's wrong with their relationship.

"When things become too difficult or routine replaces excitement, Aries starts looking elsewhere for the spark that lights their fire," Mayes says. This is also due to their adventurous nature, which means they get distracted easily, and often go off in search of a thrill.

While it's always OK to leave a relationship that isn't working, and Aries definitely isn't wrong for following what they want, it's also possible for them to push against this natural tendency. If they want their relationship to work, they can try turning towards their partner — instead of away — and looking for fun ways to connect again.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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Sagittarius is one sign that truly loves their freedom, as well as one that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. "[They are] there for love as long as it doesn't interfere with their goals," Mayes says. "If forced to choose, they will choose themselves." So if a relationship problem seems to be standing in their way, it won't be long before they scrap everything.

"Sagittarius is not here for drama and fighting," Mayes says. "They will try to work things out but if there is no remedy they'll move on." And that's definitely a positive, as it means they're looking out for their best interests.

If the relationships isn't too far gone, however, they can certainly use their drive and creativity to find a way to smooth over problems. Sometimes it's the traits that make these signs so independent that can also serve them well in a relationship.


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

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Aquarius is another sign that doesn't handle conflict well, and may find themselves wanting to leave a tricky relationship as a result. For example, "they get discouraged if a relationship is filled with too much drama," Barretta says, and may decide — rather suddenly — to call things off.

Aquarius' ruling planets can also play a role. "Uranus influences Aquarius' short temper and their ability to easily detach from people or situations that infringe upon their happiness or peace of mind," Mayes says. "The influence of Saturn gives this sign a cool emotional demeanor, which makes them more likely to act from logic than feelings."

So if something doesn't make sense, they won't stick around or try to figure things out. But if they value their partner, they can always do them the favor of talking first — and seeing if there is a way to see eye-to-eye — before disappearing.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

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Pisces is known for being a highly romantic sign who loves dating and enjoying the start of relationships. "But when the reality sets in for doing the work necessary for a relationship to thrive," Barretta says, "Pisces can easily become disillusioned."

Serious conversations and conflict don't mesh well with their laid back, dreamy way of life. "This sign is super sensitive to the energy around them," Barretta says, so if the relationship hits a rough spot, their natural reaction will be to back away.

The thing is, if Pisces enjoyed the lead up to the relationship, there's a good chance they'll enjoy maintaining it, as well. If they'd like to stick around, they certainly can. And they may even find the results are well worth the effort.

While there's nothing wrong with leaving a relationship, these signs tend to leave the moment things get difficult. If they want to leave, that's cool. But it never hurts to pause and consider others options, too, before making such a big decision.