Taylor Swift Needs To Appear On Karlie Kloss' New Show

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you have ever wanted to watch famous people dish on movies the way you and your friends do when you have a Netflix night, then you are going to love Freeform's new show, Hollywood Movie Night with Karlie Kloss. Announced Wednesday at Freeform's 2017 Upfronts, the show promises to focus on supermodel Kloss dishing on movies with her best friends, which means you need to be asking will Taylor Swift be on Hollywood Movie Night?

Swift's friendship with Kloss has been well-documented, and it would feel like a major missed opportunity not to have these two offering a running commentary on Kloss' favorite movies. The pals do everything else together, from baking cookies to roadtrips. While Swift has an expansive squad, it's clear Koss is one of her closest friends.

The singer has to be excited her friend is getting a show all to herself, and one that will let her unique sense of humor and wonderful personality shine. Besides, there is no doubt in my mind Swift and Kloss have had movie nights of their own over the years. This would be like getting to hang out with the famous BFFs while they settle in for night of dishing on their favorite films.

Freeform hasn't offered up an official guest list just yet, but fingers crossed that when they do, Swift will be on it. I know Kloss has plenty of friends she can call on to appear on her new series, but the world needs more of Kloss and Swift being amazing together in it. That's just a fact.

The only thing standing between Swift and Kloss talking movies on your TV screen could be Swift's desire to just live her life outside of the spotlight for a while. Back in April 2016, Swift told Vogue she was taking a break from music. Since then, she has been slowly returning to the world of music with her pre-Super Bowl concert and hints of a new album surfacing in March. Swift has been keeping a lower profile for some time now, but that may be because she's busy working on something new that could be taking up her free time.

Hopefully, Kloss can convince Swift to appear on her new show though, and even if she can't, the supermodel's new project is going to be a blast. Whether she brings her sisters on as guests or her friend Bill Nye (yes, the science guy), her show is destined to be a success, and it's going to give her plenty of opportunities to share all of her interests with the world because Kloss is way more than just a model.

Not only does she run a coding camp, she's also a self-professed feminist and all-around amazing person. I will happily watch her gush over movies with anyone — it would just be even more fun if Swift made time to appear in at least one episode with her ride or die.

Reporting by Martha Sorren.