22 Barbie-Inspired Tattoos, From Subtle Odes To Bold Tributes

This Barbie is inked.

Here are Barbie tattoos inspired by the 2023 Barbie movie, from fine line hearts to bold Mattel trib...
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Over the past few weeks (and months, even), all things Barbiecore have been hard to overlook. Especially considering Margot Robbie and her cast mates have only just wrapped their world tour de Barbie, filled with glam moments equipped with modern nods to vintage dolls and a whole lot of hot pink, ahead of the movie’s July 21 premiere.

After seeing the film, I must admit that the Barbie hype is entirely warranted. And I’m not alone in that sentiment considering that there’s an entire TikTok trend centered around women purchasing their very own “comfort Barbie dolls” with tears in their eyes after watching the film.

In a few words? Greta Gerwig has created a playfully vibrant, nostalgic, and patriarchy-less world, all while delivering deeply sentimental dialogue that speaks on womanhood, girlhood, motherhood, and the importance of female friendship. It’s silly, fun, and colorful, but more so, it’s an invitation to honor your younger self while still allowing your adult self to dream.

If you are still thinking about the Barbie movie and are feeling deeply connected to the message and motifs — what better way to make that obsession permanent than with some ink?

Below, find 22 Barbie-inspired tattoo ideas, from subtle hot pink designs to bold artwork reserved for only the biggest fans.


Memorable Movie Moments

From an itty-bitty heel to a milk carton referring to Barbie’s breakfast, these fine line tattoos are perfectly curated.


(More) Memorable Movie Moments

This tattoo inspiration is no doubt a bit more on-the-nose, with references to Ken’s “Mojo Dojo Casa House,” Barbie’s Birkenstocks, and more.


Hot Pink Hearts

The perfect tattoo for you (and your favorite women in life), these hot pink heart tattoos will never go out of style.


Disco Night

If you’re partial to Barbie’s choreographed dance number — this adorable disco ball tattoo might just be for you.


Western Barbie Boots

Inspired by Robbie’s western Barbie look, these adorable heart-printed cowgirl boots are an adorable nod to the film.


Malibu Barbie Palm Tree

For the beach babes and Malibu Barbie lovers alike — a micro palm tree tattoo is an easy go-to.


OG Barbie Tattoo

If you prefer your ink to have that vintage vibe, this pinup tattoo of the first-ever 1959 Barbie is an adorable pick.



Whether placed in a more hidden place (like the sternum), or even on your hands (like Megan Fox) — this sparkling star is no doubt giving Barbie energy IMO.


Ode To Mothers

One of the movie’s quotes — “we mothers stand still so our daughters can look back to see how far they have come” — truly has the internet in its feels.


She’s A Doll

This Barbie silhouette ink is an adorable option that can be tatted at any size.


Barbie’s Shell Necklace

If you just so happened to fall for Robbie’s seashell necklace, this one’s for you.


“Close Your Eyes. Now Feel.”

An ode to the film’s most-loved quote “close your eyes, now feel” — an anatomical heart inked in a vibrant shade of hot pink honors the unexpected depth of this movie.


Spell It Out

No tattoo is quite as Barbiecore as this.


Barbie’s Dream Car

If the image of Barbie floating from the top floor of her home into her car is permanently inked in your brain, you may want to consider this adorable tattoo.


Beach You Off

This beachy ink embodies the film’s cartoonish style.


Pretty Bow

In countless scenes, Robbie’s hair was wrapped in a pretty ribbon. A fine line bow tattoo is a subtle tribute.


Butterfly Fairy Barbie

Just because this early 2000s-era Barbie wasn’t in the movie, doesn’t mean the Butterfly Fairy Barbie stans shouldn’t have some cute ink inspo.


Real-Life Barbie Doll

This clever copyright tattoo is surely reserved for only the biggest Barbie fans.


I Am Kenough

For the Kens and Allans of the world, this one is too good to not be considered...


Besties Who Sparkle Together

Because as Barbie so beautifully says: “Every night is girls’ night.”


Cowgirl Vibes

If western boots just aren’t your vibe, this adorable cowgirl hat tattoo is fine line perfection.


“Yay, Space!”

On her journey to and from the real world, Barbie makes her way through space (because she’s an astronaut, of course) — making this space-themed ink a super subtle nod to the film.