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Kim Kardashian Is Officially In Her Chanel Era

Bye, Yeezy.

It’s a new season for those who keep up with Kim Kardashian. And, no, I’m not talking about the TV show. The SKIMs mogul recently entered a new sartorial era and it’s a noticeable departure from what fans are used to.

In July of last year, Kardashian started putting her usual brands (ie: Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana) on the back burner and began reaching for the double-C logo. It started subtly — with a Chanel micro bag here and there — but in recent weeks, the reality star has been wearing the label virtually non-stop.

Barbie-Coded Accessories

Prior to her Chanel phase, Kardashian was known for her love of tight-fitted latex, lucite heels, and underwear as outerwear — a stark contrast to the refined, “old money” look that’s associated with the CC monogram. Her new look, however, plays directly into the latter.

On Sept. 24, for example, Kardashian appeared in a Super Bowl ad to announce Usher as the 2024 headliner. In the short clip, the SKKN BY KIM founder wore a simple look — a white baby tee and jeans — accented with a slew of vintage Chanel accessories.

Lifted straight from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, her massive necklace featured a rainbow of gemstones, each embellished with golden Chanel Cs. Even the handbag she clutched — a boxy quilted handbag in bubblegum pink — could’ve easily been lifted from Barbie’s Chanel-centric wardrobe.

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This Logo-Covered Bikini

A lot of her recent Chanel looks are utterly Barbie-coded. Just last week, she wore a vintage Barbie pink velour bikini covered in the Chanel monogram. She styled it with the matching cover-up and the same padded bag photographed above — an obvious new favorite.

While it’s far from the first time Kardashian has rocked a pink bikini, she almost exclusively wears swimsuits from her own label. It’s one of the reasons why her company is a four-billion-dollar business — she religiously models her own SKIMs products, to great success.

“Quiet Luxury” Jackets

Most recently, Kardashian sported a cotton candy-colored jacket that would look more at home in the closet of high society matriarch Emily Gilmore. The archival item (from Chanel’s Spring 1995 collection) was lined with black buttons bearing double Cs and featured a crisp collar, also in black.

Though she styled it with yet another boxy, top-handle bag (three guesses where from), Kardashian hasn’t completely let go of her old styling habits. She completed the ensemble with sporty, spandex bottoms that recalled her pantaboot era.

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Mere days later, Kardashian wore another iteration of the same vintage Chanel top and even got her daughter North West in on the craze.

For Kourtney and Travis Barker’s baby shower, Kardashian donned a yellow short-sleeve version, while North matched her in strawberry pink. (Like their long-sleeve counterpart, both tops are from the Spring 1995 collection.)

Kardashian merchandised the look with a black leather mini skirt, platform sandals, and yet another Chanel top-handle.

Box Bags Only

Prior to her newfound Chanel obsession, Kardashian rarely veered away from her beloved Balenciaga Hourglass. (She’s worn metallic, fuzzy, and crystal-encrusted styles throughout the years.) But the boxy bag is now becoming her signature.

In fact, you can consider the luxury handbag part of her Chanel Girlie™ starter pack. Even when she’s not abiding by the Barbie-inspired dress code, she still reaches for her burgeoning collection of quilted, top-handle purses in a variety of colors, sizes, and sheens.

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