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Megan Fox Wore Pamela Anderson's Classic "G-String Updo" With A Y2K Twist

Copper is her color.

Megan Fox with copper hair in 2023.

In the last year or so, Megan Fox has been going through a transformation. Back in March 2023, she ditched her signature raven black strands in lieu of a mermaid-inspired copper shade — which the actor has been rocking ever since — and shortly thereafter, she cleared her entire Instagram feed, perhaps in an effort to start fresh, so to say. What’s more, Fox most recently decorated her hands with 20 tiny tattoos, also taking the opportunity to cover up her ex’s name with a detailed snake adorned with ornamental florals that snakes up her hip.

Though it’s unclear what the star most recently got dolled up for, her glam team took it upon themselves to share some stunning snaps of her latest look, which featured an orange Jean Paul Gaultier see-through mesh dress (with nipple pasties visible underneath), styled by Maeve Reilly.

As for her hair, Dimitris Giannetos wrapped her fiery strands into a sleek, Pamela Anderson-inspired topknot. To give the hairstyle an early 2000s twist, he left out some pin-straight, face-framing strands cascading from a crisp middle part.

Embracing her now-signature copper strands, Fox enlisted Jenna Kristina’s makeup artistry to create a monochromatic makeup moment by way of similarly peachy tones on her lips, eyelids, and cheeks. The result? The mom of three is all but glowing, with the complementary shades of apricot making her clear blue eyes all the more vivid and bright. Brittney Boyce was on manicure duty, providing Fox with long white nails.

Aside from the ever-popular copper hair movement, which has most recently been adopted by A-listers like Emily Ratajkowski, warm-toned peach blush hues (in lieu of bubblegum pink cheeks), too, are the makeup trend to watch for fall.