The 12 Trendiest Nail Polish Colors To Wear In 2023

Hop on the hottest hues.

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2022 is quickly coming to a close — which means a new year, an updated wardrobe, personal resolutions (that you may or may not keep), and some fresh vibes are full steam ahead. And when it comes to nail polish color trends in 2023, experts are weighing in on what’s here to stay from this past year, and what hot new hues are slowly but surely coming to the forefront after the ball drops at midnight ...

Like much of the beauty and fashion space, the trends tend to coincide, ebbing and flowing in unison. An example? Just as all-Y2K-everything is taking over in more ways than one (think flip phones, micro mini skirts, bedazzled glam, hair tinsel, and modernized frosted blue eyeshadow), many of the current nail trends are very much in line with what everyone saw in the early 2000s. And as a Millennial myself: I can’t say that I’m not fully invested in the odd and obscure revivals from my youth.

From eye-catching textures that are taking over the nail art space (spoiler: chrome is *still* that girl), to lacquer shades you’re sure to see just about everywhere in the coming months — here are 12 nail polish colors that will reign all of 2023.


Crystal Clear

Tina Wang, the owner of Brooklyn’s Lunula Salon, shares: “Many people, including those with weak nails or anyone wanting to take break from extensions, are becoming comfortable with [and celebrating] bare nails, similar to the bare-faced movement. Glazed and pearly sheens are also a nice updates to the super clear coat.” (And Selena Gomez clearly co-signs the minimal vibe).


Go Goth

For a luxe dark mani, Wang says black nail polish is a classic go-to and is “definitely trending with a nod to the ’90s revival that is happening.”


Moss Green

Experts have confirmed that green hues are having their main character moment in makeup — and Elle Gerstein, a celeb manicurist who frequently works with Blake Lively and Lindsay Lohan, admits that moss green polish on nails give all of the “airy and grounded” vibes.


Very Velvet

Since fall 2022, velvet nails have seriously popped off — and the trend is showing no signs of stopping. Gerstein shares that she’s into the trend because “we’re not one dimensional.”


Y2K French

Hemi Park, a nail pro and total trend expert, admits French nails are here to stay a little while longer — but comes with a few tips on changing up the vibes just a bit. “French nails are always a classic look, but now there are so many different variations. Hairline French nails, or baby French nails, will continue to trend. A very thin sharp line at the very tip of nails provides a pop of personality silently, but with a stronger presence when you choose to use bright colors or glitters.”



According to Wang, grey hues are the newest it-girl on the block. She says: “Grey polishes with blue and green undertones are great because they act as a muted neutral that goes with everything.”


Nostalgic Red

TikTok creators and dream girls alike (like Hailey Bieber, for example) have been into red nails as of late. Why you ask? Well, according to the red nail theory, it may just be the secret to finding true love ... But you can be the judge of that.


Expensive Nudes

Craving that rich girl vibe à la JLo (and countless other it-girls of the moment)? Elle says: “A clean look that emphasizes modelesque, beautiful hands gives ‘expensive’ nail vibes.” Wang chimes in with a similar sentiment: “Neutral tones read ‘put together’ in an unfussy way. Staying close to one’s skin tone helps create a clean camouflage that aligns with the trending minimalist aesthetic.”



Chromes have been *everywhere,* and Park admits the trend will take us through 2023. “We have witnessed glazed donut nails hitting really hard all over the social media, and since then, everyone has been falling in love with chrome and metallic textures all over again.”


Dark Chocolate

Wang says: “Earthy colors are going to be a focal point in 2023 and brown tones in particular are trending. Browns are strong and impactful, but give a very modern look.”


Be Bejeweled

For those that consider themselves to be a maximalist — you’re not alone. More and more, we are seeing nail lovers experiment with gemstones, pearls, and more when it comes to their manis (like this epic set on the singer Nessa Barrett).


Pretty Pantone

“With the 2023 Pantone color of the year being announced as Viva Magenta, this shade will definitely be trending,” says Gerstein. As for what it represents? “Liveliness and energy.”

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