15 Romantic Wedding Band Tattoo Ideas For Your Ring Finger

Ink your love.

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Wedding season is quickly approaching — and for those who are in the midst of planning their big day (or even looking forward to celebrating an upcoming anniversary), there is truly so much love in the air come spring.

And while traditional wedding bands and diamond rings are surely popping up on your social feeds and on the hands of newly engaged loved ones IRL — some couples may be on the hunt for a less traditional and much less expected way to share their unique love connection.

Enter: Wedding ring alternatives à la some permanent ink. And for those who collect tattoos like an art lover may collect paintings, what better way to express your love than with artwork that you can carry with you for an entire lifetime? Très romantique.

Yet aside from the artsy trend being seriously romantic, for those who may prefer their hands sans any rings, or even for those who tend to misplace precious items — a special tattoo to commemorate your love story may be just the thing for you to consider.

For a permanent way to showcase your love with (or for) a partner, here are 15 wedding band tattoo ideas for every single vibe and style — from stunningly minimal, to oh so creative. You’re welcome.

1. Sign The Dotted Line

Whether or not you ceremoniously ink your partner on the big day (like this couple did), these minimal dotted line tattoos look gorgeous solo, or surrounding wedding rings for some permanent decor.

2. Sentimental Symbol

Butterflies are a symbol of growth and new beginnings, and throughout many cultures, are closely tied to weddings. Be it a butterfly or otherwise, a meaningful symbol makes for the perfect ring finger tattoo.

3. Diamonds Are Forever

Share your bond with cheeky fine line diamond tattoos instead of splurging on the real thing.

4. Put Your Name On It

From fine line cursive designs and beyond, there is something so special about having a partner’s name forever etched on your skin.

5. A Forever Bouquet

Wedding bouquets last a day, but floral-inspired ink lasts a lifetime.

6. King & Queen

Cara Delevingne did it first ... but these lion and lioness finger tattoos are a *major* vibe for any fearless couple in love.

7. Hidden Initials

For fans of initial nail art designs and beyond, consider making it permanent with a delicate initial that’s a sweet ode to your life partner.

8. Hold Me Down

For fans of classic, colorful tattoo designs — nothing says old school love quite like matching anchor ink.

9. Save The Date

Commemorate the most special day of your lives with some Roman numeral ink.

10. A Love Connection

Though this adorable ink is not on your ring finger, there’s something so sweet about the word ‘love’ becoming complete once your hands touch.

11. Cosmic Love

Be it a sun, moon, or the astrological symbol of your partner — this ink-spiration is for a love that’s truly written in the stars.

12. Tied The (Celtic) Knot

There are many Celtic knot symbols out there, but the running theme between them is that they have no beginning and no end, much like a couple's love. A Celtic knot is the perfect design for a wedding ring tattoo to celebrate the age-old vow, ‘‘til death do us part.’

13. Fine Line Feels

Replicate the look of a wedding band with simple, clean lines.

14. A Love As Deep As The Forest

For couples that have grown a deeper bond through nature, this silhouetted forest line is both a meaningful and creative way to express your unique love.

15. For Infinity

The infinity sign is classic symbol (yet a meaningful one nonetheless).

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