An Honest Review Of The TikTok-Viral Lip Stain Everyone's Obsessed With

TYSM, Wonderskin.

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An honest review of Wonderskin's Peel & Reveal Lip Color Kit, the TikTok-viral lip stain.
Danielle Sinay
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From slugging to gua sha and Bella Hadid-inspired jaw highlighting, keeping up with TikTok beauty trends is no easy feat — especially when it comes to lip colors. As soon as one goes viral, it almost instantly sells out and stays that way for what feels like forever. See Clinique's Black Honey and Dior’s Addict Lip Glow Oil as examples: Both products are now so popular they’re practically mythology. Fortunately, however, some beloved lip colors remain accessible despite their social media prestige, like Wonderskin’s Peel and Reveal Lip Color Set, and now I’m such a convert I can’t imagine using regular lipstick ever again.

In short: I finally understand TikTok’s obsession with lip stains — which is devout, to say the least. At the time of writing this, the hashtag #lipstain has racked up a whopping 109.3 million views (most of which feature Wonderskin’s product in particular), while #liptint exceeds that already enormous number with a total of 490.7 million views. More specifically, #peelandreveal and #wonderskin have accrued 7.7 million and 35.2 million views respectively, which is to say: People really love lip tints... especially this one in particular. And I wanted to know why, because I personally could never get on board with lip stains.

I’ve never really stepped out of my comfort zones in terms of lip color or even the types of products I use in my pout — I’ve always been a traditional lipstick lover and accepted that the tint would fade throughout the day. I only recently began experimenting with darker shades, but never with any sort of stain because, in the past, they dried my lips out, and/or slowly peeled off throughout the day.

Wearing Wonderskin’s Peel & Reveal Lip Color Kit in “First Kiss.”

Since I tested this color kit, things have changed. This product is not just remarkably easy to use but takes less than a minute to apply, peel, and then reveal. It doesn’t make a mess, and doesn’t stain your hands or face: It goes straight onto your lips (and looks dark purple at first, but don’t worry, that comes off), and after 15 to 45 seconds, peels right off after you “activate” it with an included spray. And the best part? It actually looks really good — and, despite my concerns, feels great, too. My lips aren’t dry or dehydrated, nor do they look cakey.

This lip product did exactly as it advertised, staining my lips with my chosen shade (called “First Kiss,” a vibrant cranberry) and even maintaining its hue all day, throughout various beverages consumed via straws and underneath a face mask. This color does. not. budge. I was even able to apply a light layer of Aquaphor when I felt my lips getting dry (not from the product, just as they do naturally midday), and the tint remained perfectly intact.

I was only able to test one shade, but am already planning which color to get next. I can’t wait to try them all… hopefully before any others sell out. (“Divine” already has.)

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