I Got My Chakras Balanced & Now I Am At Peace

I couldn't resist the siren song of a unique wellness experience.

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Here's what it was like to try a chakra balancing treatment.

You know that feeling when you’re lying on a vibrating bed under a string of chakra lights on a Wednesday afternoon? Because same. I recently kicked back to realign my chakras, balance my energies, and binaural beat my way to harmony — and I’m here to tell you that I’ve never been more relaxed.

My chakra balancing experience happened on the Sensory7 Crystal Bed at Modrn Sanctuary, a boutique wellness and beauty spa located in Philadelphia. When I first heard about its rainbow-colored treatment, where you relax on a bed under bright lights that match each chakra point in the body, I knew it was only a matter of time before I floated in there, as if entranced by the siren song of a unique wellness experience.

According to Alexandra Janelli, a clinical hypnotherapist, certified life coach, and owner of Modrn Sanctuary, the Sensory7 bed combines multiple techniques and technologies into one uber-relaxing session. It uses frequencies, binaural beats, vibration therapy, infrared heat, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, and color therapy, all of which go to work unblocking your chakras and reorganizing your stressed-out brainwaves.

If something promises to balance my energy or cure what ails me — whether it’s my stress, anxiety, etc. — you can catch me giving it a try. So, what was it like to get my chakras aligned? Keep scrolling to find out.

What Is Chakra Balancing?

I’m not the only one intrigued by the idea of a balanced chakra. On TikTok, chakra cleansing videos have over 1.6 billion views. There you’ll find folks offering mantras, sound baths, and other tips for healing a root chakra or opening a throat chakra. For a quick rundown, you can think of chakras as energetic points in the body, says Arielle Pinkston, LMFT, a holistic therapist and yoga instructor. The seven main ones each have a frequency and a color associated with them: root (red), sacral (orange), solar plexus (yellow), heart (green), throat (blue), third eye (purple), and crown (indigo).

In the name of wellness, you want all seven chakras to be aligned — but they don’t just naturally get that way without proper care. “Chakras can become out of balance for a multitude of reasons, including things like trauma, physical alignment, not prioritizing self-care, and so much more,” Pinkston tells me. “It's believed that when your chakras are in alignment, energy flows freely and you feel balanced, grounded, and supported.”

The right remedy depends on which chakra is unbalanced, but you can generally set everything right by turning to self-care practices like speaking your mind, journaling, going to therapy — or hitting up chakra balancing therapy at your nearest wellness treatment space.

First Impression

The Sensory7 Crystal Light Bed at Modrn Sanctuary.

Like any card-carrying anxious person, my first instinct when trying a new wellness treatment is to worry about “doing it right.” But according to Janelli, there is no assignment to complete during your chakra therapy session other than to kick back and enjoy the experience. In other words, the bed, headphones, and lights do all the work for you. To make the most of it, you can choose to set an intention for something you want to let go of or receive, but you can also pretty much just take a nap.

The Experience

To soak it all in, I leaned back on the bed, aligned myself underneath the row of chakra lights, and put on the pair of headphones Modrn Sanctuary gave me for the treatment. Janelli’s voice then guided me into a meditative state as relaxing rain sounds started to play along with a steady, pulsating binaural beat. This is the combination of two different frequencies (one in each ear) used in music therapy to help reduce anxiety and reduce pain. As a big fan of white noise and rain soundtracks, I’ve certainly listened to my fair share of ocean-like spa music, but what really stood out to me — apart from the glowing orb inches above my face — was the way the beats matched a vibration happening in the bed underneath me.

As I listened to the gentle background music, the bed gently shook like a massage chair, moving from my head, or crown chakra, down towards my butt, or root chakra. I also found out I was lying on top of amethyst and black tourmaline gemstones, which purportedly help create electrical fields to improve your vitality and reduce pain — something that I can totally appreciate, but didn’t necessarily notice at the moment.

My view from the Sensory7 Crystal Bed.

Meanwhile, up above, the seven chakra lights were doing their thing. “The reason we use specific colors is to allow the chakras to respond to the corresponding light and rebuild into a healthy system,” Janelli explained. “The Crystal Bed focuses on the first seven: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.”

Needless to say: I was completely immersed in all of the woo-woo wellness modalities you can fit into one little treatment room. For the 45-minute session, I casually pulsed to the binaural beat while imagining all my cells and meridians shaking back into alignment. The goal is to fall into a deeply meditative state — and after snapping a few pics, I definitely did.

The Results

When I took off the headphones and emerged from my stupor, I noticed an unfamiliar sense of calm radiating throughout my body. Janelli encouraged me to drink some water and process my experience in another room, after which I went outside to see the world with my freshly aligned chakras.

I floated out of the building and down the sidewalk with a sense of joy and goodwill towards all mankind. OK, not really — but I did feel a level of anxiety-free calm that I hadn’t felt in ages. My blissed-out good mood lasted well into the evening, where I found myself holding a cup of tea as I read more about chakras and energy. I felt aligned and in balance — but most importantly, relaxed.

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Alexandra Janelli, clinical hypnotherapist, certified life coach, owner of Modrn Sanctuary

Arielle Pinkston, LMFT, holistictherapist, yoga instructor

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