11 Tips For Getting Ready Faster In The Morning

Ever notice how mornings seem to move in fast forward? It often feels like the alarm goes off, and suddenly, stunningly, you're already sitting at work. That's why a routine for getting ready faster in the morning is not only helpful, but sometimes entirely necessary.

This is especially the case if you wake up late, and five minutes is truly all you have. Instead of panicking and running out the door with one shoe on, start thinking with efficiency. What are the absolute requirements for getting ready in the morning? All you really need to do is put on clothes and brush your teeth. Done and done. Go on your merry way, and try to get up earlier tomorrow.

For the rest of us — the ones who hate mornings, but still get up on time — a fast morning routine can still apply. Efficiency will totally save your life if you struggle with a.m. grogginess, or if you want to hit snooze just one more time. (I'll allow it, but only once.) It means actually having time for coffee, a luxurious shower, and a beauty routine. In no time at all, you can be heading off to work feeling and looking your best. Doesn't that sound nice? If so, then are some ways to streamline your routine for a faster, easier morning.

1. Think Ahead With An Easy Haircut

The next time you get a haircut, think ahead to how easy the styling will be each morning, suggested Faith Xue on Avoid bangs if you have curly hair, as they will take way too long to style. And ask for layers if your hair is limp to avoid the dreaded blowout process. You may even want to consider chopping your hair off, which is pretty much the ultimate time saving hack. (Pun intended.)

2. Style Your Strands The Night Before

OK, so you might not be entirely willing to lop of your hair just to save time. (Totally understandable.) If that's the case, at least consider washing and styling before bed. As Maria Del Russo noted on POPSUGAR, "If you're into a polished look, blow out your hair the night before and then twist it into a high, loose topknot to maintain volume. When you let it out, your hair will have sexy, soft waves." Simple as that.

3. Plan Your Outfits Ahead Of Time

If you waste a ton of time each morning rifling through your entire closet, then consider laying out clothes the night before. "Check your calendar for important meetings that you may want to dress up for, look up the weather forecast, and make sure everything is wrinkle-free and ready," said Hallie Gould said on Marie Claire. Then all you have to do is wake up, slip into your perfect outfit, and go.

4. Stay On Track With A Morning Playlist

An uplifting playlist can help cure the groggy awfulness that is morning, while also keeping your routine running on schedule. "You can use a song to time yourself in the shower, but you can also use an entire playlist to time out your ... morning. If you track your usual timing, you can tighten it up, and build the perfect playlist," suggested Patrick Allan on Consider making a list that's about 20 minutes long, and try to be out the door by the end of it.

5. Invest In Products That Multitask

The next time you see a two-in-one body wash, or a lipstick/blush combo, snap it up and add it to your morning routine. As Gould said, "The best time-savers are products that multitask."

6. Keep Your Makeup Organized

A fast morning routine doesn't mean forgoing your usual makeup regimen. In fact, you can look pretty darn put together in only a few minutes — if you stay organized. As Taylor Barringer said on Elle, "Knowing exactly where everything is will speed up your routine and cut your time almost in half." Simply keep your brushes and tools in one spot, and you should be looking fresh in five minutes or less.

7. Do More In The Shower

If you're like me and want to luxuriate in the shower for forever, then at least make good use of the time. "Bring your face wash and toothbrush under the stream and do both while you're letting your conditioner sit," Del Russo suggested. This is multitasking at its finest.

8. Set Your Coffee On A Timer

If you have a coffee pot with a timer, be sure to set it the night before to start brewing a few minutes before your alarm goes off. The smell of magically brewing coffee will help wake you up, and make getting ready that much easier.

9. Speed Up Your Morning Poop

Having to poop right before work is the worst — not to mention totally time-consuming. So it's a good thing a bit of planning can get things moving right on schedule. As Allan said, "... you can drink hot liquids to help things along ... It also helps to sit like a samurai, with one leg crossed and your back as straight as you can." And if all else fails, sip on some more coffee.

10. Pack Everything Up The Night Before

The single best time saving tip, in my humble opinion, is packing everything up the night before. Put your essentials — keys, laptop, sunglasses, wallet, etc. — all in one spot, so they are ready and waiting to go. Saving yourself from frantic searching is totally worth the extra effort.

11. Don't Get Caught Up With Distractions

A fast morning routine definitely doesn't involve a "quick peek" at Facebook or Instagram. Because let's be honest — it's so easy to get lost in social media world, and find yourself late for work. So stay far, far away from the lure of the internet until later on in the day.

With these tips in mind, you'll be ready for the day in no time at all.

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