The Best Type Of Wine For Your Zodiac Sign

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Perfect charcuterie plates and traditional French recommendations be darned — sometimes, the best way to decide which bottle to pop is to simply close your eyes and point at the liquor cabinet. And, if you are feeling dreamy, asking yourself which type of wine you should drink based on your zodiac sign is the perfect way to choose. Of course, there is really no wrong answer when it comes to picking wine, but this will offer you a bit more guidance.

Wine doesn't have to be stuffy; it is all about how much fun you are having when you drink it. That said, sometimes you have got to just flip the proverbial penny and let fate decide your fermented grape indulgence for the evening. Or the afternoon. Or whatever.

I am going to break these choices down according to each sign's prevailing personality quirks and make vino recommendations that suit you. While I am not a huge believer that constellations and retrogrades should influence major life decisions, uncorking a bottle that is sweet because you are is hardly a choice you won't be able to live with.

Enjoy the selections, and embrace the wine you were always destined to try. Cheers!


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Bold, spontaneous, as quick with your wit as you are with your temper — an Aries needs to face off against a wine with a personality as challenging as their own. Open a Cabernet Sauvignon. Big and complex, its flavor should be as gripping as the energy you give off when you enter a room.


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You're warmer than you're given credit for, Taurus. Uncork a Malbec, which is known for having characteristics that vary according to its region. Kind of like your personality when you're in mixed company, no? Plums, berries, and spice give the Malbec easy drinkability with an edge.


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You get a bad rap for having the occasional mood swing, but this doesn't mean you're two-faced, it means you're versatile. You want a Zinfandel, a varietal that can adapt to any situation and come out tasting better with every sip. You've got no problem revealing a different side of yourself according to the vibe, and neither does this wine.


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Water sign that you are, you go with the flow. An easy, light-bodied Pinot Noir blend has crab written all over it. You can even get your bubbly on with this combo: Pinot Noir is regularly blended into Champagne and other sparkling varietals. Pop a rose and don't let the hiccups get the best of you.


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The spicy, hearty Syrah might be the only grape that can match your warmth and intensity. Syrah grapes have produced some of the world's richest, deepest wines, and a Leo woman needs a wine with a soul that matches her own, doesn't she? Grr, Leo, grr.


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Virgos are known to be modest and practical, so a choice not too far out of the ordinary is probably right for you. Try a Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast. This varietal is a classic, not to mention pretty easy to procure. Round and rich with subtle fruit flavors, Chardonnay can't be beat for a few hours of thoughtful reflection. It'll do the job just fine.


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This sign craves balance in all things. A Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice for your easygoing and sociable demeanor. Pick one that hits hard on the nose with a zesty citrus scent; characteristically, it will be tempered by a soft mouthfeel. So much winespeak.


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How many times have you been told you're strong-willed and powerful? Passionate, even? You've gotten it over and over, so why not pick a wine that looks you directly in the eye with those same qualities? Bordeaux. You need a spicy, complex, and very expensive Bordeaux, girl.


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The Sagittarius loves deep, philosophical conversation, so get yourself a wine that evokes a lot of emotion for the drinker. With its rich smoky and savory notes, Merlot is guaranteed to put your company in the same mindset. Great conversation will reveal itself by the second glass, no doubt.


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You know you're the dominant one in any relationship, and chances are you like your position of power. Instead of drinking a varietal that asks "how high?" when you say "jump," pour yourself a challenge with Chablis. Its characteristic chalkiness will make you ask yourself whether you love it or hate it. You know you love it, but it takes the right person to appreciate its charm. Hmm, sound familiar?


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You're always branded the smart one, but really, you just like to think. Aquarians should sip Viognier and contemplate life with likeminded drinking companions. It's smooth without being simple or too drinkable; it's sometimes spicy, sometimes peachy, but always the perfect option for the one who likes to wonder.


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The zodiac's most imaginative sign needs intellectual stimulation. The Pisces craves excitement and stability at once, and loves a wine that changes while she sips it. A buttery Sancerre with hints of lime will give her plenty to contemplate as long as her glass lasts, and for hours after.

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