14 Sexting Games To Play With Your Partner

We’re always hearing that we could be having better sex, a better orgasm, or a better relationship. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, to help us out with the details. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions remain anonymous. Now, onto today's topic: example sexting games to play.

Q: “My partner and I are in a long-distance relationship, and only get to see each other once a month or so. We have a lot of fun when we do see each other, but we’re looking for ways to keep the spark alive when we have to be apart. I really like sexting him. We’re both a little shy (him more so than me), so sexting feels way more comfortable than having to say things out loud. We’ve done the very basic stuff, and now I’d like to surprise him with something different. Do you have any ideas for sexting games we could play, plus ways to get him to respond? I don’t want to get left hanging and feel embarrassed!”

A: Thanks for the question! It can be really hard to keep the fires burning in a long-distance relationship, so I commend you and your partner for making an active effort to stay connected. Here are 14 sexting games to play with your partner, whether you're long-distance or not.

1. Would You Rather?

You’re probably already familiar with this classic game. You can put a sexy twist on it by making all of the questions sex-related. For example, “would you rather have me kiss your neck or your ear?” You can keep the questions relatively tame at the beginning, especially if your partner’s quite shy. Then slowly work up to making them more graphic. This game is also a great way to get to know your partner and their sexual likes and dislikes!

2. Remember When?

This is a great game to play after you and your partner have just ended a recent visit. If you had a particularly steamy sex session, you can rehash all of the details together over text. Again, start simple if your partner is shy. “Remember when I was just sitting in your living room and you came in and gave me that little smile?” If your partner doesn’t respond right away, keep going. “And then remember when I told you to come over and sit next to me?” If you’re still not getting a bite, ask, “what happened next?” Trust me, your partner won’t mind that you’re asking them to “remember” something that just happened!

3. Choose Your Own Adventure

This is a really adaptable game that’s similar to Would You Rather. Text your partner a series of options that you could do in that moment, and ask them to pick which one they would like best. For example, you could send, “I’m sitting here at home alone, thinking of you. I could either scroll through some of the pictures you sent me, take a shower, or try to distract myself. What should I do?” Once they’ve made their decision, send them a few more options that would unfold after the first step. For example, “Look at the pictures of you, OK! I could either stay here in the living room, go into the bedroom, or go out onto the balcony. What should I do?”

4. Plan Our Next Adventure

This is a small but exciting variation of Choose Your Own Adventure. In this version, have all of your options be things that the two of you could do the next time you see each other. For example, “You’re going to get in at nine at night. We could either get really dressed up and go out to dinner, take a quick shower together, or go straight into the bedroom. What do you pick?” You can either take turns giving options and making decisions, or have your partner plan out the entire date. Make sure to follow through the next time you see each other!

5. The Treasure Hunt

The next time you’re at your partner’s house, leave something sexy behind, like a pair of underwear you wore when you were together, a new lingerie set they’ve never seen you in, or even a sex toy. Once you’re gone, text your partner that you left something special for them to find. You can give your partner clues if you feel nice, or let them figure it out on their own.

6. Sexting Co-Authors

This is a good game to play with partners who might feel a bit shy about discussing your personal sex life over text. Tell your partner you want to write a story together, where you take turns coming up with sentences. You can start the story off innocently enough, but slowly start to make it more sexual. You can play this game for weeks, or even months!

7. Book Club

If you or your partner are too shy to write your own erotica (or have writer’s block in the moment), you can read other people’s erotica instead. When you know your partner has some free time, send a link to an erotica website. Ask your partner to read it at the same time you’re reading it. Copy and paste the specific sentences that you really like, or discuss your favorite scenes. You can also do this with porn.

8. Guess What I’m Wearing

Text your partner and ask them to guess something about your clothing. You can ask them to guess the specific underwear you’re wearing or the color. If they guess correctly, send them a picture of you wearing the item. (You can show just a snippet of the fabric if you don’t want to get too graphic.)

9. King For A Day

In this game, one person gets to be King For A Day, and tell the other person exactly what to do. If you and your partner like a bit of the Domination/submission dynamic, you can have one partner choose every single daily activity and decision. Take turns the next day if you want.

10. Sext Brainstorming

Whenever you stumble across an intriguing-sounding sex tip online, like an idea for a new sex position or an oral sex technique, send the link over to your partner. Send a little message like, “thinking about the two of us doing this together” or, “would you want to try this?” This is a great game for people who don’t feel that creative on their own.

11. Sext Shopping

Similarly, you can also send your partner links to sex-related items you’d like to buy, like lingerie, sex toys, or accessories. You can send a cheeky message like, “just a little hint for my upcoming birthday.” Or try sending over a couple of links, and sending the message, “I got you one of these things. You’ll have to wait and see which one I picked.”

12. The Sex Bucket List

Together, come up with specific sexual experiences that you want to share together. You can add things like, “have sex while camping,” “have multiple orgasms,” or “have a threesome.” Create a shared Google Document, and set it to notify the other person when one of you makes a change.

13. Orgasm Race

When you know your partner is home alone, send them a message asking if they would like to have a have a masturbation race. See who can get to the finish line first. No cheating!

14. Close-Distance Sexting

I added this game to help you and your partner remember that you can keep up the sexting even when you are together! On your next visit, go into a different room, then start sexting your partner. See who can hold out the longest before going and seeking out the other person.

Have fun!

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