Which Engaged 'Bachelor' Couple Will Wed First?

by Marenah Dobin

The Bachelor franchise has been doing pretty well the with the matches these days. The most recent couples to come out of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise are still together. Not only that, but there are actually six engagements in the franchise. You know what that means: There are some weddings on the way. Or at least I hope that there are some marriages in the (near future). Now I just want to know which Bachelor couples will get married first.

Sadly, I have no inside info here and none of the contestants will follow me back on social media (weird). Nevertheless, I can make some pretty educated guesses based on my knowledge and loyal viewership of the shows in the franchise. I'm just hoping that all of these people end up broadcasting their weddings on television ,so I can pretend to be friends with them. Or at the very least, I hope that their wedding guests will post up-to-the-minute updates on various social media platforms.

Based on what I know about these engaged couples, here is the order I think the weddings will go down — from last to get married to first.

6. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth

Araya Diaz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kaitlyn and Shawn got together two Bachelorette seasons ago, which really isn't that long ago in the real world. After all, they got engaged at the finale of a show that took eight weeks to film. This means they've been together for about two years and that's a good point for non-reality TV alums to get engaged. In Bachelorette time, it seems like they've been together for an eternity, but it just seems to me that they are taking their time to make it official instead of rushing into it. How refreshingly normal of them. I can't see these two doing the TV wedding thing, but I'm hoping for it.

5. Carly Waddell & Evan Bass

It took a little while for Evan and Carly to move from friends to a more romantic relationship, but they ended up being the best couple from the third Bachelor in Paradise season. Since Cevan/Evanly did not instantly pair up, I feel like they are more like normal (non-reality TV) people who like to take their time with courtship. I definitely see a wedding in their future, but they just seem more responsible when it comes to getting married than some other people in the public eye, which I think is a good thing since Evan has three kids. They'll definitely make it official, but I feel like they'll just need a little more time than the other Bachelor alums.

4. Lace Morris & Grant Kemp

Even though Lace had a brief interest in Chad Johnson, Grant had his eye on her right from the start. And very early on in BiP Season 3 they really got serious about being together. They even have matching "Grace" tattoos, and Grace revealed that they are living together on the After Paradise special. They love being in love and they seem like they want to get married right away.

3. Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray

Amanda, Josh, and her two adorable daughters formed an instant family as soon as the couple came back from Bachelor in Paradise. They already act like a married couple, so they might as well make it official. I just hope that the wedding kiss is tasteful and not another awkward make out session like we had to witness on BiP.

2. JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

Cooper Neill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

JoJo and Jordan have been mad cute on social media ever since The Bachelorette finished airing. They live together in Dallas and seem like a happy couple. JoJo has even said in interviews that they would like to get married next year. I'm crossing my fingers that this happens and that they end up doing a TV wedding.

1. Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even during his time on The Bachelorette, it was so clear that Ben was serious about reality TV dating and ready for marriage. He and Lauren even have their own spinoff series, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? . Plus, if you've been watching, you know that Chris Harrison offered them the opportunity to have a TV wedding. These two are definitely the most eager to tie the knot, and I feel like their wedding will happen ASAP. Plus, I feel like they would want to tie the knot before JoJo Fletcher... Don't tell me you weren't thinking that, too.

I have no idea when any of these couples will actually tie the knot, but I'll be checking their social media accounts on a daily basis looking for hints about wedding planning. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out for these reality TV stars.