What Do Dreams About Weddings Mean? 19 Marriage-Related Symbols, Decoded

Even if you've never spent a waking second planning your dream wedding, your unconscious hours may still be full of dreams about weddings — as well as dreams about brides, grooms, rings, dresses, and rehearsal dinners where the waiters are serving everyone Legos, instead of the chicken that you had previously agreed upon. What gives? Do these dreams mean that you're secretly obsessed with getting married? Is your subconscious in cahoots with your aunt who always ruins Thanksgiving by asking you why you're still single?

Not quite. Though wedding dreams are extremely common for brides-to-be, they're also common for folks who aren't even eager to commit to a cell phone provider — because wedding dreams symbolize much more than just a desire to settle down ourselves. Weddings are richly symbolic and imbued with tons of meaning; and so, weddings are also a great canvas for our sleeping selves to use to work out all sorts of issues. Wedding dreams can reflect our anxieties about recent life changes, our excitement about the future, or increased levels of self-acceptance. According to "definitive" dream interpretation site Dream Moods, wedding dreams are usually about "a symbolic union between you and some hidden aspect of your own self."

So jump into the wide world of wedding dreams, as interpreted by Dream Moods, and finally find out what that nightmare where you show up nude to your own wedding means (spoiler alert: it's about feeling a loss of control, not about your actual desire to show up nude to your own wedding ... unless you're actually planning on a naked wedding. In which case, invite me!).

Wedding Dresses, Rings, and Other Symbols

Wedding Cake

Seeing or cutting a wedding cake in your dreams "symbolizes harmony and domestic bliss"; however, actually eating wedding cake signifies that you are in touch with your sensuality (though hopefully not too in touch — there are children at this dream wedding reception, after all).

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings represent the concepts of long-lasting love in our dreams; for those who are not married, seeing a wedding ring may mean that you've reached a new level of love and intimacy in a personal relationship. But losing a wedding ring in a dream can mean that you have unresolved problems in your own marriage or romantic relationship.

Engagement Rings

Dreams about engagement rings are pretty straight-forward — the engagement ring is "a symbol of love," and to have it pop up in your unconscious mind means you're thinking about long-term commitment.

Wedding Dresses

Putting on a wedding dress in a dream could mean that you're trying to assess a romantic relationship; it can also mean that you feel "unworthy" and ill at ease, especially if you're wearing the dress in an inappropriate situation (e.g. a job interview, the drive-thru at Taco Bell).

Wedding Veil

To wear or see someone else wearing a wedding veil may represent an aspect of your personality or life that you wish to "hide or conceal." Alternately, veils can also symbolize "humility, coyness or innocence."

Wedding Tuxedo

Donning or even just seeing a tuxedo in your dreams suggests aspirations of culture and "making something of yourself." Alternatively, it might just mean that in your dream, it's after 6 p.m. and you're not a farmer.

Preparing for a Wedding

Attending a Wedding Rehearsal

Attending a rehearsal dinner — your own or someone else's — can mean that you're readying yourself for "an important transition."


Ironically, dreaming of a proposal — either giving or receiving one — can suggest that a situation in your life is about to "take a turn for the worse." Of course, it can also just mean that you're exploring the idea of long-term commitment, to another person, a job, or even a previously-suppressed part of yourself.

The Big Day

Attending a Wedding

Seeing or being part of a wedding in your dream can often signify "a new beginning or transition in your current life." Alternatively, wedding dreams can reflect some anxiety or negative feelings that you have in your life, especially if something goes wrong in the dream wedding (e.g. you get lost and can't find your way there; your date turns into an enormous stone lion; Taylor Swift has switched around all the name cards at the reception).

How you feel about being at the wedding in the dream — happy or frustrated, annoyed or elated — can also be a referendum on how you feel about your current life. And if you're actually in the midst of planning a wedding, your wedding dreams are most likely just a reflection of your conscious preoccupation.

Attending a Wedding As Part of the Wedding Party

Dreaming that you're a bridesmaid can signify that love is around the corner for you, apparently.

Losing Something Important for Your Wedding/ Something Important Is Missing at the Wedding

Frequent wedding nightmares for the soon-to-wed often include losing some important element of the wedding — like losing a wedding dress, or not having the hair stylist show up — which signifies an anxiety over losing control of the wedding in general, or feeling personally out of control. Even if an actual wedding isn't in your future, dreams of a lost wedding dress can mean that you're struggling to find your role in a new life situation, and fear "not fitting in."

No One Shows Up to Your Wedding

Being left all alone at the altar by your fiancee — as well as the whole wedding party, all your guests, and the people serving canapes — can signify nervousness over your impending wedding, or a final yearning to return to single life, for those actually getting married.

Showing Up to Your Own Wedding Naked

In dreams, nudity usually symbolizes feeling exposed — so showing up nude to your own wedding can symbolize feeling exposed or defenseless regarding a romantic relationship or other personal situation.

A Guest Misbehaves At Your Wedding

Dreams about your ex ruining your wedding or your cousin Janine destroying an very expensive ice sculpture can signify "insecurity about the person who is acting out," especially if you're actually planning a wedding, and will actually have to invite that no good, ice-sculpture-ruining Janine.

Marrying Your Ex

Dreaming of marrying an ex suggests that you've finally made your peace with that relationship, and learned from your mistakes. It can also mean that your current relationship shares some similarities with that past relationship, but that "since you are aware of the similarities, you know not make those same mistakes."


Eloping in dreams can signify "trying to escape from the problems of your daily life." Or, if you're stressed out from planning a wedding, it can be simple wish fulfillment.

Marrying Your Current Spouse, Again

To dream that you'd, as they say, "do it all over again," is a testament to you and your partner's "strong commitment to each other." It might also mean that you're entering a new life phase together (like becoming parents, or becoming dog parents, or buying a custom van with a painting of the cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall on the side together).

Runaway Brides

Running From Your Own Wedding

Ditching your own dream nuptials means that you're not ready for a major change that is underway in your day-to-day life (one that may or may not involve Richard Gere).


To dream that you've had or are having a marriage annulled means that you're in denial about a personal problem, plain and simple (just like when Britney got her Vegas marriage annulled).

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