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Halsey's Regencycore Updo Is Serving Big Bridgerton Energy

Dream casting: unlocked.

A true chameleon in every sense of the word, Halsey is known for ever-changing hair and boldly artful makeup looks (along with her music artistry and beauty entrepreneurship, of course). Most recently, they’ve proven just how versatile a pixie haircut can be, playing with different hues — namely, on-trend raven black to a PSL-inspired copper shade. And most recently, Halsey was very much in her French girl bob era, styling her dark black, tousled tresses chopped into a jawline-grazing cut, along with some textured micro bangs, of course.

While the former look was no doubt inspired by Amélie, the artist’s latest playful look is more in line with the likes of the cast of Bridgerton, or even the infamous royal herself, Marie Antoinette...

Taking to Instagram to share a few snaps from a “thir-tea first birthday soirée” she attended about a month ago, Halsey is pictured in a puffed sleeve, nipple-baring white gown adorned with a pretty pale pink bow. While her glam was left very decidedly minimal and glowing (which is in line with makeup seen on the viral regency-era show), its her curled updo that is truly the beaming light of the on-theme look.

Decorated with what appears to be tiny flower and butterfly barrettes, Halsey’s sultry strands were gathered at the top of her head to create some sky-high volume, allowing a few curled tendrils to frame her face.

The resulting vibe is a truly modern and youthful spin on the rising regencycore aesthetic, which ICYWW, is an aesthetic defined by its elegance, maximalism, and frequent nods to the UK’s regency era in the early 1800s.

As for some other A-listers who have dipped their toes into the wondrous world of regencycore, it has previously been spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid (and at the buzzy Met Gala, at that).