Definitive Proof That Rory Gilmore Would Hate Food-Themed Beauty Trends

Uncover the cold, hard evidence.

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham of "The Gilmore Girls."
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As soon as the leaves begin to change to a cozy color palette of blazing oranges and rusted reds, an annual desire to binge-watch nostalgic series — like the ever-adored Gilmore Girls — is immediately felt, too.

Whether or not you live in a storybook New England town akin to the charming, coffee shop-filled fictional Stars Hollow, Rory’s autumnal aesthetic truly has the girlies in a chokehold at the moment, with nearly 20 million views on TikTok’s #GilmoreGirlsFall hashtag. Yet another rising trend? The obsession with naming beauty trends after foods, like “cherry mocha” nails or even “dirty martini makeup.”

During my most recent rewatch, I happened to stumble upon some pretty damning evidence that Rory Gilmore would likely entirely reject 2023’s obsession with naming beauty trends after tasty treats.

The Rise Of Food-Inspired Beauty

In case you missed it, just about every single nail polish color, makeup look, and hair color has gotten a 2023 rebrand with a cutesy food-inspired name to match. Glazed donut nails, strawberry girl makeup, cherry coke hair, latte makeup, gingerbread red hair, pumpkin spice blush... The list truly goes on and on.

Personally, I’m of the camp that thinks it’s all in good fun — but Rory? She would definitely call a cherry mocha manicure out for what it is: a simple coat of burgundy nail polish.

Rory’s Barely-There Beauty Look

Throughout the premiere season of Gilmore Girls, Rory starts the series as a 15-year-old, celebrating her 16th birthday in episode six, aptly titled “Rory’s Birthday Parties”.

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When it come’s to Rory’s makeup M.O., her signature look is no doubt reflective of her age as it’s as understated and minimal as it gets. And while she does get a bit more experimental in the episodes to come — remember her bangs? — she pretty much sticks to a very natural, “no-makeup” makeup look.

One would think that she’d be into the rising “latte makeup” trend, which is very much suited for the beauty minimalists.

The Evidence Speaks For Itself

Season one, episode one — literally seconds after the song “There She Goes” fades into the background — is where the evidence lies.

Coming into the coffee shop, Rory asks her mother Lorelai for some lip gloss, to which the latter quickly responds: “I have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and toasted marshmallow.”

With a bit of a scowl, Rory says: “Anything in there not resembling a breakfast cereal?” Lorelai then offers up an unscented gloss that “changes colors with your mood.”

“Latte Makeup?” Not Likely...

While I do believe that Rory would most definitely wear latte-inspired makeup, opting for a subtle wash of neutrals on her lids, she most definitely wouldn’t call it that. For her, matte brown eyeshadow would likely suffice.

I rest my case.