12 Summer French Manis That Go Beyond Basic White Tips

Seashells and butter yellow chrome ahead.

And just like that, summer 2024 is nearly upon us — which means it’s time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate the season on your nails.

Of course, ultra-crisp and classic white Frenchies are a staple manicure for most (including celebs like Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Lana Del Rey). But for summer ’24, the nail-art-loving girlies are all about going against the norm and trying something new.

It’s no secret that sunshine yellow chrome manicures are a major move for the hottest months of the year, and adding a pretty French detail takes the happy shade to the next level. Similarly, pastel shades of sky blue are buzzing (looking at you, blueberry milk nails), and an obvious pick for the beach-bound days ahead.

A few other mani motifs sure to make a statement this season: Realistic seashell art, itty-bitty evil eye art, ocean-inspired swirls, and pearlescent “oyster” French nails — all of which will earn you endless compliments.

Craving a fresh new French manicure for sweet summertime? You might want to scroll through these 12 ideas that are anything but basic.


Butter Yellow Chrome Mani

Go for a cult-fave “glazed donut” manicure with these softly chromatic French nails that feature the prettiest butter-yellow polish color on every tip.


Realistic 3D Seashell Tips

These 3D seashell-inspired French nails with pretty pearl adornments are so creative and realistic, someone might just think you are a mermaid IRL.


Bespoke Bedazzled Edges

For those who love a classic white-tipped manicure but still want a bit of sparkle, these bespoke bedazzled edges will beautifully catch the light.


Chic Hot Pink Angles

These unexpected angled details in a Barbiecore shade of hot pink polish are chic and fun all at the same time.


Glittering Gold Outlines

Find that you’re more of a mani minimalist these days? Strike a balance between luxurious and laidback with these gilded “invisible” Frenchies.


Ocean-Inspired Baby Blue Swirls

These sky-blue Frenchies with water-inspired swirls are a subtly stunning match for poolside moments and hot beach days alike.


Cool Girl Evil Eye Detail

The evil eye symbol is said to keep away bad vibes from those who wear it — which makes this deep blue French mani the perfect pick for a completely carefree summer.


Sweet Grapefruit Slice Frenchies

Refresh your next manicure with these realistic, bright pink grapefruit slices painted in place of a traditional white French tip.


Pearlescent Oyster Tips

Yet another oceanic French mani to try for summer 2024, these pearlescent “oyster nails” are an understated (yet impossibly gorgeous) choice.


Abstract Aquamarine Tips

Abstract French lines? Check. The prettiest aquamarine shade of polish? Check. A mirror-like metallic chrome finish? Also check.


Fiery Orange Illusion French Nails

This fiery illusion nail art rivals the heat of the sun itself with vibrant orange and coral polish tones that are sure to be a total conversation starter.


Simple Micro Cherry Adornments

Take cues from nail art-loving stars like Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian Barker with adorable micro cherries painted atop your French tips.