These Hidden Gems On Paramount+ Will Give You All The Nostalgic Feels This Week

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If you're nostalgia-obsessed and have already binged your way through Netflix's latest offerings, like Big Time Rush and Legally Blonde, Paramount+ has you covered. These titles will convince you to subscribe to the newest streaming giant and reminisce on your adolescence this week.


With a slew of throwbacks like Zoey 101, Victorious, The Wild Thornberry's, and Rocket Power, there’s no shortage of Paramount+ content that’ll remind you of the good ol’ Nickelodeon days. Be prepared to have the As Told By Ginger song stuck in your head for days after your rewatch.

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What better way to spend the remaining months of the pandemic than streaming at least a dozen seasons of The Real World, The Challenge, and the special The Real World Homecoming reunion series.

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Once you’ve finished marveling at all the guest stars in Sister, Sister (hi, Gabrielle Union!), check out Paramount+’s other Tia Mowry offering, The Game. The CW and BET series sees Mowry in a more adult role and falling into the dramatic world of football WAGs.

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Seventy years later, I Love Lucy remains an iconic series and makes for a perfect comfort rewatch. From Lucy and Ethel’s chaotic stint on a candy assembly line to Lucy dressing up as Superman, there’s no shortage of pitch-perfect comedy from the late Lucille Ball.

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Let’s go back, back to the beginning of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari’s feud and the overly-produced Laguna Beach. Considering Cavallari recently said she’ll never appear on Southern Charm, fans have to take Cavallari content wherever they can get it.

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MTV was on a roll with its early 2000s reality and prank shows, and Jackass, with its fearless cast of Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, and Jason Acuña, was a solid contender for an entertaining TV sesh.

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Bieber’s had plenty of ups and downs since Never Say Never dropped in 2011, but streaming this concert documentary will remind you of his humble roots and the raw talent that led him to sell out Madison Square Garden.

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Paramount+ has more Fran Drescher content for The Nanny fans. The Beautician and the Beast sees her act as a tutor for a fictional Eastern European dictator’s family. It's a questionable plot, which somehow involves lab rats, but it makes for an interesting movie night, to say the least.

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For those who have already watched The Princess Diaries 16 times since it hit Disney+, The Prince & Me will give you a nostalgic dose of regular-person-turned-royal content.

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Did you even live through the early aughts if you weren’t absolutely obsessed with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and the several Teen Mom spinoffs that followed? Paramount+ offers the original series, Teen Mom 2, 3, OG, and the 2018 Young and Pregnant series.