Love Island

No, Adam Collard Still Isn’t Collarding

As we enter the last week of villa-side action, Victoria Sanusi shares her Love Island final predictions.

by Victoria Sanusi
‘Love Island’ 2022: Victoria Sanusi's Final Week Predictions

Is it just me or has time suddenly evaporated? We are just one week away from the Love Island finale and it seems the producers are still craving drama. But introducing four new bombshells is a bit of a joke. Though a surefire way to ruffle some feathers, was it really ever going to end any differently than it has? Don’t get me wrong, Nathalia vs. Ekin-Su was one of the more entertaining beefs of the season: see pineapple pizza-gate and the pancake tasting contest. Indiyah acting as a diehard fan and Gemma giving Ekin water as if she’s Muhammad Ali was truly priceless. But four bombshells? At once? There definitely wasn’t enough time for their personalities to marinate and connections to form. Proof is in the fact that all (bar Jamie) have been evicted already.

Deji’s eviction is a huge loss, and I will miss his golden facial expressions and Nigerian phrases sorely. As for Danica and Jamie, you do have to question bombshells and their authenticity when they come in so late in the day. Did he single her out because he knows we back her? Either way, I think we can all agree that Billy deserved what he got after he mugged her off like that. And if Jamie isn’t being legit and pulls a Greg O'Shea on her, she will have plenty of options when she leaves the villa.

Damiyah have made a comeback in my eyes. Their magnetism is clear to see, so much so their fellow islanders sent them to the hideaway! The moment Dami tells Davide it’s alright to be nervous before his tiramisu moment warmed my heart to no end. Shame it was quickly thawed by Davide’s “I’m not nervous because I know she’s going to say yes” comment. The question now remains: has Dami done enough to redeem himself in the eyes of the audience? Indiyah is a firm favourite and has never been in the bottom when a public vote is concerned, so I think their chances are good – but not certain – to reach the final.


Paige and Adam seem to be doing well, too. Much to everyone’s surprise. Adam still isn’t Collarding” but is this because he is a changed man or because he is fully aware of how this relationship could redeem his public persona? Maybe I am too pessimistic, but I don’t think it is the former…

So who will be in the final? I feel Davide and Ekin-Su, Gemma and Luca, Paige and Adam will almost certainly be in the final four. I hope Indiya’s sweetheart status earns her and Dami a place also, but if Tasha and Andrew make it – given the hard ride they’ve had so far and the fact that they were coupled up on day one by the public – I won’t be too mad. Though Danica more than deserves to finally find the man of her dreams, I don’t think we will have seen enough of Jamie to make it to the final.


But with a week of classic Love Island moments – the baby challenge and the parents visiting the villa included – it is all to play for. I can’t wait to see what kind of parents Davide and Ekin-Su will be. And though we know Michael Owen won’t be making a guest appearance, you can bet all eyes with me on Gemma’s mum. We already know she isn’t happy about Luca’s behaviour towards Tasha, but will she give the couple her blessing?