Twitter Reacts To Zoë Kravitz Teaming Up With Taylor Swift On Midnights

She’s listed as a co-writer on “Lavender Haze."

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Zoë Kravitz and Taylor Swift in a collage
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If you’re like us, you’re probably counting down the days until Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights arrives on Oct. 21. Until then, we’re all lapping up every last bit of information we can get about the album, which Taylor has been parceling out via her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” Instagram Stories and TikTok videos.

After slowly releasing each track name one by one and giving a quick backstory about what the song is about, Taylor finally released the songwriters and collaborators for her ninth studio album. It’s no surprise to see Jack Antonoff’s name listed against almost every single one of the thirteen tracks (the Bleachers frontman is her longtime collaborator), but fans were shocked to see an unexpected name listed next to one of the songs.

In a track listing making its rounds via Taylor Swift fan accounts like “Taylor Swift Updates” and “The Swift Society,” Zoë Kravitz was revealed as the co-writer on the album, though it’s disputed whether she is credited with one or two songs. She is listed alongside “Lavender Haze” on both listings and on “Karma” on one. Though Apple Music only has Kravitz listed on “Lavender Haze,” some fans believe she may be part of “Karma” in another capacity.

Kravitz fronted the band Lolawolf and previously mentioned she was working on an album with Antonoff, which might be how she ended up in the studio with Taylor. Still, Kravitz likely won’t be singing on the track as the only announced feature on the album will be sultry singer Lana Del Rey, who is also listed as a writer on “Snow on the Beach.”

Taylor’s longtime beau Joe Alwyn also makes an appearance as a co-writer on “Sweet Nothing” under his pseudonym William Bowery. Alwyn previously wrote “Exile” and “Betty” from Folklore, and “Champagne Problems", “Coney Island,” and the titular “Evermore” from the follow-up album with Taylor under the Bowery moniker.

Taylor’s vocal fanbase took to Twitter to react to the newest information about the album, sharing their excitement and confusion about Kravitz’s appearance on the song credits. Her inclusion along with hip-hop producers Jahaan Sweet and Sam Dew hinted at a different sound for Taylor’s new album.

Some recalled Kravitz’s other musical pursuits, which include a co-writing credit and feature on Janelle Monae’s song “Screwed” in addition to her disbanded group. It also helps that her dad is Lenny Kravitz, a prolific singer-songwriter.

Notably missing from the track listing was Aaron Dessner, the lead singer of The National who collaborated extensively on Taylor’s Folklore and Evermore albums. A few jokingly interpreted a tweet from Dessner about “things not being as they seem” to mean he had assumed Kravitz’s name as his new pseudonym. Others thought maybe he ghostwrote some of the album’s to-be-announced deluxe tracks.

Only three more wake-ups until we get our Midnights answers!

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