Netflix’s Human Resources Characters Are Played By Your Favorite Celebs

From Oscar winners to Marvel heroes.



Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s Big Mouth introduced viewers to tweens experiencing puberty with the help of their pre-assigned hormone monsters. Netflix’s new spinoff Human Resources offers a look into the creatures’ world — with ultra-famous actors providing their voices.


The raunchy animated series explores the monsters’ workplace, where each is assigned a human whose feelings they’ll represent. Familiar characters, like Kroll’s Maury and Maya Rudolph’s Connie, will appear alongside newcomers, including Lovebugs Emmy (right) and Rochelle (middle).

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Aidy Bryant (SNL, Shrill) voices Emmy the Lovebug, who gets her first client in Season 1 of Human Resources. “I would call [Emmy] sort of a drunk problem mess,” she recently said. “We all kind of work together to help adult problems as opposed to the kid problems on Big Mouth.”

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Keke Palmer (Hustlers, Nope) plays Rochelle the Lovebug, a former hate-worm whose ex-client is Big Mouth’s Missy. The series marks one of many current voice roles for Palmer, who also appears in Disney’s Proud Family reboot and the upcoming Lightyear.


One of the series’ only main human characters is Becca, a new mother who receives a few monsters of her own. She’s voiced by comedian Ali Wong, who previously acted as pansexual middle schooler Ali on Big Mouth — though the characters are seemingly unrelated.


Randall Park voices Pete the logic rock, a monster representing the human brain’s rational side. “This part was written for me, was it? I’m very logical, organized, clean. Pete does everything by the book... He has rock hard abs,” he recently joked. “I’m very much a logic rock.”


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Human Resources acts as somewhat of a reunion for Wong and Park. In Netflix’s critically acclaimed 2019 romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, the actors respectively portrayed Sasha and Marcus, a pair of childhood friends who unexpectedly become adult lovers.


Another rare human character on Human Resources is Claudia (right). While not much is known about her journey on the series, she’s been revealed as Becca’s best friend and will likely offer support to the first-time mother.

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Claudia’s played by multi-hyphenate talent Janelle Monáe in her first voice role since Disney+’s 2019 live-action Lady and the Tramp. She recently starred in the 2020 thriller Antebellum, released her first book titled The Memory Librarian, and will appear in Knives Out 2.


Representing addiction within humans is a rebellious tattooed and pierced angel named Dante, who happens to have three penises. “I just put some bath salts up my ass, and they are really starting to kick in,” the chaotic angel tells Emmy in the series’ trailer.


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In perhaps his wackiest role to date, X-Men star Hugh Jackman provides the voice of Dante. The actor previously played himself in an episode of Big Mouth titled “No Nut November,” so clearly he must’ve enjoyed his time in the Netflix recording booth.


David Thewlis (Harry Potter) reprises his role as Shame Wizard from Big Mouth in the spinoff series, and appearing alongside him is a new Shame Wizard named Asha.

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Marking her first voice acting job since 2018’s Star Wars Rebels, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o plays the character of Asha. Next, she’ll head from Netflix back to Marvel for the forthcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, set for a Nov. 11 theatrical release.