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On how to get the Bridgerton boob look, normcore’s TikTok comeback, and more.

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“Clean Girl” Is TikTok’s New Fashion Aesthetic

I know what you’re thinking: “How can ‘clean’ be a look when taking care of your personal hygiene is part of the social contract that holds society together? Is this really a thing now? Are we really so desperate to name and categorize stuff?” And to that I say three things: One, yes. Two, if you’ll recall, ’twas not so long ago that the celebrities were arguing about shower frequency. And three, it’s basically a Gen-Z rebrand of normcore/health goth/minimalism in general. Read More

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17 Colorful Ombré Nail Ideas To Try This Summer

We’re still big fans of the milky white and holographic trends, but when you’re jonesing for something not so subtle, a sunset-colored ombré mani fits the bill. If you are a person with patience, here’s how to DIY it; otherwise, enjoy the inspiration for your next salon appointment. Read More

How To Figure Out Your Travel Compatibility With Someone

When you’re the kind of person who makes a spreadsheet for a vacation, traveling with a friend who prefers to ~just vibe~ their way through a trip miiiiiiight result in a very bad time for the both of you (see: Midsommar). This viral Twitter thread is packed with advice about how to determine whether or not you have good travel chemistry with someone before you agree to go to your pal’s rural hometown Sweden for a “festival.” Read More

Must Reads

23 Chic Corset Dresses That’ll Give You That “Bridgerton Boob” Look

If you’re still dreaming about all the princesscore fashion on display in Bridgerton’s second season, fortunately you don’t have to travel to the modiste to find a modern version of the waist-snatching, pushed-up look. Read More

The $8 Drugstore Shampoo That Outperformed My $20 Favorite

We tested the clean-ingredient products from Monday Haircare, which TikTok has been raving about for weeks, and are pleased to report we’re ready to convert. Read More

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